Love is the peak of all suffering



Love is the peak of all suffering

and the culmination of all surrender.

Perhaps this has been

the longest night in history.

Every moment harbors

centuries of revelation,

Unable to see with such blinding

light behind my eyes,

I wait for Love to breathe for me,

knowing I have no life

without it,

wondering if I will see

and know another morning.

I wait and listen, not knowing

what mystery will emerge from this night,

and what miracle will be revealed

in the stories told in the sunrise.

Do we change the course of history?

Do we dare go back to sleep with dawn

only a few moments away?

Will you not watch with me?

How can you sleep?

How many times do I forgive?

Let this cup pass from me.

I need your merciful arms

around me.

I long to cry out

the name of my Beloved!

Can Love hear my heart?

O Blessed dawn! Blessed sky!

Blessed earth!

I lie down in the cool grass

in green pastures

and draw peace from the earth.

Come lie here beside me

for one more day.








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