The Depth of Love


There are times that love

takes me to unbearable depths

pulling me apart with its power.

 I feel the touch of the divine

tearing away the veil

turning my joy into trembling tears

and aching beauty.

If it were merely pleasure,

I could follow it like a dance,

but love that penetrates the soul,

unravels my thought,

my disguise, and my existence.

The anguish is catastrophic

and at the same time, exquisite,

a fierce energy of fire

 that shreds my composure

leaving me in a pool of tears.

It leads me closer to the truth

of surrendering

into the oneness of love,

rather than seeing it as otherness,

which I may still fall into doing

 to preserve my sense of self.

Slowly, it gives way, and the pain

of the cross of separation

turns to the joy of flight

and the spreading of wings

where there is only love.




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