Create With Me


Create With Me



Out of a space where there is silence and sleep

a surrender to rest and renewal,

a Word appears, formed from something that desires

to be known, the touch of a hand that isn’t there

awakens me, and a face looms in the darkness

that can’t be seen with the eyes.

The Word carries a message I can’t ignore.

It is not in letters, but in the energy of intention,

like a movement of light

that conveys a thought I feel and understand.

It is a living Word, bringing its

own insistence to what flows between us.

Is it some part of me that is yet unknown?

Is it something new that wants to be created?

Is it a being like me that wants to connect

outside its own reality to know another?

Is it a wave of myself I have forgotten?

It wants an answer,

 a recognition in some way

that I know what this living Word means.

Who enters the mystery of darkness to

 connect me with another world?

Who crosses the threshold of the boundaries

of my existence to pierce the invisible

 veils of my solitude?

The Word is a Presence,

 a breath, a nearness, that quickens my heart,

and stirs and touches my soul.

I am wide awake, and it is no dream.

It is not the meandering of my mind.

There is nothing I can say, no miracle I can prove,

and no belief I can offer another.

The moment is clearly mine, and the choice looms

in a light of truth that lingers around my heart.

Too late to pretend I am not aware,

Too late to deny how powerfully I feel it is there.

Why does it show itself to me?

Did I call it? How does it know me?

For what reason did this presence come to me?

I feel the movement of spirit,

sweet breath that is alive and intimate,

like a breeze touching my hair,

as light circles around me,

and I feel a gaze beholding me,

seeing everything I have ever been,

calling me to be more,

like delicate unseen wings,

 lighter than air.

this amazing, bewildering beauty

 knows me, hears me, whispers to me

that I am not alone.

Do I deny it? Do I name it? Do I answer?

I sense this is a moment that comes to every heart

the reason we are born and formed

into life becoming aware of itself.

Perhaps this is creation reaching beyond itself

 becoming something more than it ever was before,

a being of moonlight angling from the sun,

weary of its lonely vigil to light our world.

wanting to meet the longing that cries out

and draws it closer to earth each night.

Perhaps this is the impossible

bending to the endless prayers

that have worn away

the shield between heaven and earth,

tearing the curtains of the night away at last.

Omnipresence can be lonely too.

If I whisper I love you to the night a

million times, does the night create an answer,

or is someone there that hears the cry of my heart?

I risk it all and choose. Yes! Yes! Yes!

I open my eyes, my heart, my soul, my mind,

and welcome this beautiful lover

 into my arms and life riding a wave of rising joy

that moves beyond all words.

I share it with you, so when life

 summons you awake to live your truth,

you won’t miss the birth of spirit

flowering into blossoms of light

that opens your heart to love.


















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