The Creative Inspiration of Divine Love

It always surprises me, no matter how many pictures I see, or how many process oriented approaches to create that I pursue, whether I read, study, or witness them, it is not the person creating that holds the impact.  It is the visionary image of the expanding longing that holds the creative power and inspires us to reach for the divine. It is the heartlonging of another soul reaching for God, that inspires the ultimate creativity, which for me is the consciously surrended life given to loving God and to loving all that God creates, including, and especially loving our fellow human beings, our brothers and sisters, our neighbors, and the paradise of this earth on which we live.
The shrines we build, no matter how glorious, will forever be destroyed, until we realize that we are living as the energy of Love within the energy of Love that spits us out again and again until we awaken to who we truly are. False idols do not carry the sweet fragrance of God.
The process unfolds in a thousand ways, always spiraling and unfolding in mystery, like the cloud that conceals it, or the rising mist as the cool water of the river thins to drift toward the warmth of the sun, Life waits for the moment when the glowing ember leaps into a flame….a spiritual fire that burns in our own hearts and exalts us toward the light of God giving birth to the soul.
As the flowering soul unfolds like a fragile blossom, laying bare a light that cannot be held in our hands or captured in a name, the angels gather to behold the new innocence that glows from a beauty that radiates through the transparent skin of the body.
Though we chase the “truth” through the circling of countless centuries, we will never capture the divine gift of true holiness, nor can we control the quivering ecstasy of the heart, nor will we ever bend it to our human will, for the enchanting mystical sweetness of the light of God will disappear the moment we grab for it. It hovers like the butterfly…..or the humming bird….near the flickering illumination of beauty…..and we taste the sweetness in the music of the moment.
We wait in sacred silence, between breaths, and suddenly, we are transported beyond our human seeking, launched beyond the stars, and the way closes behind us, for it is not ours to open, no matter how we try to claim it or make it so. It is not ours to teach or grant to another. Lovers who surrender everything are given a glimpse, and when it happens, all that remains is a deep reverent silence that bursts out in rays of light, a visible joy…..rainbows of color….a hush…….and nothing….nothing we can ever do to imitate it will be anything more than an illusion. Like Moses, we vanish into light, and we become an ancient one that has seen the face of God, and we will never, ever be the same…..nor would we want to be.

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