The Light of Love at Dawn


The day dissolves into the twilight of evening, and we fall into midnight, a time when it is possible to cross the threshold from one dimension into another. The world clock has names for the zones around the world.  My heart has come to know it as the meeting time for mystics. We enter the darkness to discover the truth that can not be learned, but it is experienced and felt in a world beyond what is visible to the outer senses.

Around three, I hear the chanting from the monasteries around the world as the cloistered ones gather quietly for prayer when the soul sings from a rhythm that opens in the heart, to pray with all other hearts under the cover of night beneath the light of the moon. The voices are so in tune as to be one voice as they flow like a river to the sea into the open heart of God.

Dawn is a time of awakening when the heart and soul and mind and body rise from the vigil of the night and begin to dance in a swaying movement that crosses the horizon into the light, ascending and arising with the sun. The silence harbors a reverence that is a rapt attention of all creation giving way to the first sounds of the songs of the winged ones, when the birds and the angels discover their wings, and the breeze slips in, ruffling the hair, leaving soft kisses on the eyes and the lips. Lovers turn and surrender to the touch, knowing it is the moment when the beloved comes, to whom all revelations are already known and from whom no secrets are ever hidden. 

Some pull the covers over their heads, hide their eyes from the too muchness of the moment, turn away from the face of morning, and seek the shielding of the covers still warm with sleep. The summon to awaken in the arms of the beloved is a call that comes in the cystal clear purity of morning, in the first rays of a living light. The light intensifies and longing meets longing in the chambers of the heart. It is a time of anointing, and the moment of union is sanctified by tears.  The heart is laid open to beauty and to the deep joy of divine love.  The heart is given freely, purely, and completely, yielding and surrendering to the Love for which it was created.  The reason for being flashes like lightning in the soul. Water is turned to wine, and bread becomes the body of the beloved. 

The holy hour of communion is the sacred crossing into eternal life. The words are veiled in mystery, for they are living words and can only be perceived in the soul of the lover.  The voice and name and face of the beloved is so protected, the entire army of heaven could not reveal it.  The triumph of love has been assured since the first moment of creation.

We are the wandering people of God coming home to an existence that has no name, no place, and it is without beginning and without end. We arrive in the golden light of belovedness and know the sweet essence of eternity.


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2 Responses to “The Light of Love at Dawn”

  1. Katherine Wallace Says:

    I am completely enchanted with your above writing! It sings to my heart as if it was a message from angels. Your words put together a magical picture that sweeps into my consciousness and resonates with pure loving light…the heart of its poet! Keep writing…keep musing…keep sharing your heart. Bliss and peace…all my love…and appreciation. Katherine

    • Naomi Stone Says:

      What a delightful surprise it was to find your message!
      Thank you for your beautiful response to my sharing. Your comments help to give me
      affirmation for having posted my poetic expressions. I was reluctant, because they feel so personal to me, but I am encouraged to know they have meaning for others.
      Thanks for taking time to express your feelings.
      Love, Naomi

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