Divine Light


Divine Light

May 30, 2008 by Naomi

The place of divine birth flows from a point of pure light that can emerge from a tear or expand into a star seen by the world.
Light can spring from joy that bursts into spontaneous laughter that cannot be contained for one moment longer.
The stable is a place of honesty, a soft unassuming bed of straw, the light of innocence shining from a young mother and a new baby, a faith-filled father by her side.
Light is a moment when men who thought they were wise, fall to their knees, and light is a moment when angels feel the love and gather to share the wonder of it all.
It is happening all over the earth in unknown corners of the world, when a divine ray of light appears in an ordinary moment and a point of light bursts into flame within our hearts like a thousand suns, and beauty falls from our mouths, and kindness becomes a way of life in a way we have never witnessed it happening before.
Divine light looks for an opening, a path to travel to the earth to make its home with us. It comes as lightning and reflects in the rain. It flashes in a firefly in the dark, and children chase after it to try and hold it in their hands.
Light appears inside a rolling wave and disappears in the sand, an incandescent colored glow that gives us a fleeting glimpse of the mystery.
A divine light appears when we look at a stranger and suddenly see and feel ourselves in them.
A crystal catches the sunlight and scatters rainbows in the air, and we spin in the swirling radiance of it all.
Hold your hands over your heart and feel the divine warmth within you. Trust the light that dwells as spirit throughout creation. Spirit glistens in a plain face and becomes beautiful when love arrives. It is everywhere, color from color, light from light, love from love, and we receive it humbly and gratefully.
The new mother sees Jesus in every son and daughter, and the new earth gives birth to the garden of paradise when looking through the eyes of love.
Wonder is a state of grace. Tenderness is a divine touch.  Prayer is a proclamation of faith and the light of the invisible. 
Divine love comes in the moment we are truly able to behold another with the purity of conscious love.
I will sing and sing and sing of the divine birth of love in the twilight, in the night, and in the morning light, for in truth, it is love singing our songs.

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2 Responses to “Divine Light”

  1. MysticSaint Says:

    may the Divine Light consume us, once and for all.

  2. newoma Says:

    How many people could write a response like that and not only know what it truly means, but also have the open heart to express it in the ways that you do! You carry a special light of your own, and it comforts me and helps to light my way.

    Love, Naomi

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