What is Your Heart’s Greatest Truth?

With all our different languages, and all our unique ways of describing what we feel is our own deepest truth, what if we are all reaching for a point where they all come together, and we fall down laughing in joy saying, yes, yes, yes, that is what I meant! Yes, I know!! That is what I wanted to say to you too!  What would that be like?  What would we say to each other? What do we truly have to give each other?

Language becomes a search for the truest and clearest way of saying what our heart wants to say, but doesn’t really know how. We hope by following rules, or by following the ones who have been especially anointed in some way, that we ordinary ones can’t really explain or understand, that we will be able see the truth at last!

We try a thousand different mediums, different ways of expressing in form and image and words, and we sit around exclaiming how beautiful our creations are and dreaming how much someone might be willing to pay for them. Nothing makes truth disappear more quickly than that!

What is your own deepest truth? I awaken every night in the deep silence, when the world around me is asleep, and I listen. I open my heart and listen to the unknown aspects of myself.  There is something within me, which I call my soul, that wants to commune with my heart. It wants to use my mind and language, but it wants me to surrender control of them both, to let go of the part of me that wants to be in charge of everything.

So, I open my heart in this precious silence to receive some truth that my heart is longing to hear and to discover new ways of saying what I truly feel.

If we could only find the pearl, the treasure, the Holy Grail, the truth of all truths, and then say, here it is, I found it! Then we could hold it out for all to share and receive.  Unfortunately, we each get bits and pieces that sound pretty good, and then we start thinking how great it could be if we could be The One who finds the TRUTH, so we hide our treasure, bury it, so no one will realize what we found, until we have a chance to patent it, market it, and maybe even sell it!  We might even decide to release it to the world, so they have the truth, and it is our great generosity that does this out of our great goodness, and then we can be the one who rescues everyone else.

Every night I hear something new, and I hear it in a new way. Every night I listen, I discover there is always more to know, more to perceive and in a different way than I ever thought about it before.

I have been doing this for thousands of nights, and there is always some delightful revelation that arises out of what is unknown, of that which is yet to be created.

What if it will always be that way? What if the secret is…..that even if we could know everything that has ever been known since the beginning of time, there will always be something new that is being created in the next moment? What if creation is happening now, in every moment, and each time we listen to ourselves and to each other, we discover a new way to think, a new way to speak, a new way to listen, a new way to celebrate, a new way to feel, a new way to see, and we hear all the old information in a totally new way? What if a new truth is revealed each and every time we listen?

Now, is the time to fall down laughing and realize how wonderful that is! We are saved from thinking we know it all! We are made new, because we realize there is another way to live and feel and share with each other! When we are young, we have energy, because there is so much to know! When we are old, we think we know it all, and we die.

Nothing makes us old and weary more than falling into patterns and repetitions that deaden our senses and feelings into nothingness. Maybe nothingness lets us off the hook, and we think we don’t have to be responsible for anything.

What makes you more excited than anything else? What makes you feel more alive than anything you have ever done or thought? For my self, it is when I feel love. It is not just falling in love, it is when I begin to love in newer and deeper and more expansive ways.  When I love, I feel young and alive and energy flows through me from a source beyond what I can access through my mind. It is like turning on every faucet in the house, opening the windows, raising the roof, and letting the light come pouring in to fill every room! I draw back the curtains, open the skylight of my perception, search the stars and the night sky, and I realize that everything is new in every moment. 

The worst expression I ever heard is that there is nothing new under the sun. Love transforms an old reality into more, because we open our boundaries and let the “other” into our world. We were always a part of a larger reality, but we thought our purpose was to convince the other person of what we know!

 Our purpose simply has to be the opposite of that. We are meant to be open to hear the truth of every other person in the universe, because it is so intriguing and interesting and unusual. It is different, and it shakes us loose from thinking in the same way we have always thought! Think how wonderful that is! We will never know it all!  What a relief! The idea of being locked into the miniscule little corner of our world forever is surely more frightening than learning something new!

Only love challenges us to open our hearts and to draw back the curtains to let in the light. I want to listen to you, because I love you. What a marvelous revelation! It was in that moment I felt the first real joy I have ever known.  I remember the fun of that in childhood, but someone was always hammering at us that we didn’t know anything. That was the point! That was the fun of it! Not knowing is so much more exciting than carrying around this big bag of stuff thinking we know it all.  What is more oppressive than that? 

Just think of the joy of walking around in a state of wonder again, discovering the world in all its mystery! There is the gift of life!

Life is a stream of surprise if we are aware and awake and risk relating to something or someone new, that we know nothing about. It leaves us stimulated, excited, and feeling free again! If I say that I am right, and you are wrong, I place myself in prison and throw away the key.  If I listen to what is most important to another person, I begin to care about them and love who they are for what they have brought into my life and perception.


The whole idea behind the concept of becoming a new mother on a new earth is to open to the incredible beauty of experiencing a new birth and opening to a new way of being that a child represents. A mother opens everything she is to nurture and love the new life coming through her.  She surrenders into her child to discover its needs and to celebrate the amazing miracle of this new life in her care. In doing that, she tends to her own being in a deeper way at the same time. 

When I give to my child, I give to my self as well, and the best I have to give is the freedom to be, the freedom to live, the freedom to play, the freedom to explore, the freedom to learn, the freedom to laugh, and the freedom to feel! I long to give them the freedom to love and the freedom to bask in the beauty and mystery of this existence we are given!

Bless the earth and the children for keeping us sane! Bless our children for helping us to remember how to play and to be excited about the things we find in the grass!


Nothing exalts me in a greater way than to love you. Nothing lifts me higher than to truly love you and to desire your well being as truly as I do my own.

The two greatest commandments we are given is to love God and to love each other as ourselves. The whole world is centered in those few words, for if we can do that, we will forever be in love, and we will taste the sweetest life we could ever know!  For in loving God, we are called to love all that is, to love everything and everyone that exists, and miracle of all miracles, we are to love others as we love ourselves. There is the great gap in our formula for happiness. We forget to tend to our own hearts. Perhaps that is the genius of creating mothers. Mothers in the best and highest intention reach into their own hearts to love their children, and in the process, if we do it well, we set our own hearts free! What a joy it is to share freedom with another!  It is the best of all possible worlds!  I walk around saying I love you to the universe.  It is a thrilling freedom!










2 Responses to “What is Your Heart’s Greatest Truth?”

  1. Shabana Says:

    wow! Naomi this is very sweet. True words, very inspiring, thanks.

  2. newoma Says:

    Shabana, It is an ominous task to even think of my heart’ s greatest truth,
    and it touches my heart to have you respond to it.
    Love, Naomi

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