The Lord our God is One.
We all are born from
 that Oneness.
We are all reaching for God
through our different cultures,
through our countries,
through our traditions,
through our belief systems,
through our religions
from all around the world.
We are reaching from the depths
of our longing
for a God we can call our own.
Whether we acknowledge it or not,
we All yearn for belonging.
May we awaken to the truth
that we All
belong to God.
We are held in the arms
of a Love
that embraces us All.
We are held so tenderly
by the delicate veils
 of Oneness,
the fragile petals
of the pure blossoms
and colors of spring,
the eternal flow of new life,
new birth, and new revelation,
that makes the heart
sing and rejoice.
We are brothers and sisters
of one global family
being delivered
into each other’s arms
to care for one another.
We are given this beautiful
land as our home,
and it is offered
to us as gift,
a place to settle
 and form into a new world,
for all nations
to live together in peace
and joy.
We are bound together
by the mystical energy of
We are blessed
beyond all measure.
May we all open
our hearts and our hands
to receive this
gift of divine love.
The wild rose filled with sunlight has become a symbol of belovedness for me….the way my heart fills with the golden light of the Spirit.

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