Love Comes So Quietly

I sit by a stream of silence and listen,

allowing thoughts to tumble into the current

that flows on by, into the sea of every thought

that has existed since the beginning of time.

The words dissolve into a morning mist.

I wait for the clarity of space

to allow a purity to emerge

that gives the early morning a new

beginning that is worthy of its beauty.

If I could summon whoever I wanted to

wander through the open air to come

sit with me and watch the dawn,

who would I call this precious day?

I feel the breathing of the earth

thriving from the peace the night allows.

My breathing aligns with the sighing

of the earth and the movement of life

embedded deep within it.

The scents and sounds of the world

have settled into the secret places

where they go when we sleep.

I feel the sacred spaces of my heart

embracing the gift of this human life.

I feel a depth within me opening wide

 to allow the first beams of golden light

 of morning to flow into my soul.

My first drink is poured by the sun.

The life that arises within me,

like the dawn, is felt as a sacred Presence

that loves the beauty of this new

beginning, that feels the heart stirring

invitation of this precious day.

My heart beat quickens to know

that Love is the companion

that comes to be with me

in the sacrament of this present

moment when Creation is paused

to bask in what is hovering

in this sacred space we share.

It surrounds me in sweetness

and wonder and the deep joy

of beholding all that is.

I am filled with Love as it opens

its treasures to me.



2 Responses to “Love Comes So Quietly”

  1. Mashubi Says:

    Thank you dearest Naomi for this beautiful breath of light and spirit! I feel such relief and peace when I ready your poems.

  2. newoma Says:

    Mashubi, And I thank you for appearing in the garden of my heart, where love is returned with such grace as it is through dear ones, like you.
    Love, Naomi

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