Calling, Calling, Calling

Calling, Calling, Calling
There is something
untouched in the soul,
something so achingly beautiful,
so innocent and new,
we are unable to speak a name,
and yet, it waits for us
to long to know it,
to yearn for it,
to cry out for its birth.
It curls in on itself like a bud
wanting to open and reveal
its creative power to us.
A luminous face, 
a living heart,
open arms,
shimmering desire,
all tremble within a new life
a whispering spirit
in the silence,
granting us the gift
of awakening
to the divine being
dwelling within each soul.
A dancing flame
surrounds our hearts
lighting the path to its Source,
keeping a vigil
for the emergence
of a new kind of freedom.
Spreading wings of flight
can come to us in infinite ways.
Love longs for our wholeness
to arise in awareness
of the divine beings that we are.

2 Responses to “Calling, Calling, Calling”

  1. amongchosenones Says:

    WOW, you’re not Baptist, are you?

  2. Naomi F Stone Says:

    My experience of God’s Love is inclusive and moves into a sacred silence where it seems confining to put a single name around it. There are many names for God in scripture, and there are infinite ways in which God is worshipped.

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