The Living Word

The Living Word
Whatever is being revealed
within you,
at the deepest level,
write and speak and create
from your heart
as the Love of God flows
through you
like a river of light.
Let your being be like your breath,
as light and fluid as the spirit,
radiant and transparent,
and with the freedom of movement
of unseen wings,
fashioned from Divine Love.
Rise beyond the limitations
that the human mind
has placed around you
like prison walls.
The boundaries are illusion.
Allow the Divine Mind
to reveal a vision
that only Love can give you.
There is no death,
only an ever changing form.
Place the whole of your being
in God’s Divine Hands.
Surrender every moment to God’s
Divine Guidance.
Divine Life is before you,
waiting with
open arms, open heart, open soul.
A pure translucent white energy
is flowing everywhere,
empowered by the flames
of the desire
and the longing of Love,
It will appear in infinite forms,
and only Love will
bring you recognition.
It is impossible
to steal the fire of God.
It can only be given
in the moment
your heart is transformed
by the burning alchemy of Love,
when you become
the living breath of God
and give birth to Divine Truth.
All else is illusion.
In all the world,
in this entire universe,
on this earth
and beyond,
there is nothing but God,
nothing but Love
that is real.
It is the hidden path
of Lovers.

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