Dreams of Light

Dreams of Light


Sometimes dreams are kind,

and yield a taste of something new,

making nonsense out of nothing,

rearranging fragments

of form and colored memory

 into raucous fun.

The world becomes a place

where propriety is a cast off word.,

and playfulness is a path!

The night is full of disguises,

Yesterday wears different clothes,

Tomorrow is a meadow of sunlight

filled with possibility,

and I can feel and run and fly.

I poke my head through a cloud

and startle an angel

and wake up laughing.

I do get weary of common sense.

Dreams can be delicious,

wildly free, and foolish.

Can you come along and play?

Let’s rearrange reality

for at least a little while.

I will leave the door

of my dreams open,

 so you can wander in and out,

whenever you like.

Let’s honor joy

and have some fun!

Perhaps our dreams will touch,

and our hearts

will remember beauty.



Painting by Rassouli

Joy Vibrations





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