My Heart is Singing Again



My Heart is Singing Again


Oh, dear friends,

on this sacred morning,

when the universe is charged

with the beautiful energy of God,

turn from your sleep

and embrace all that cries out

wanting to awaken

within you!


Let the Beloved

hidden in every cell

come bursting forth and

animate your life

with the divine madness

of Love!


Let it touch you awake.

Let it transform you.

Let it change the way you perceive

all that exists.


Fall in love with the One God

who manifests

through all religions,

through all forms,

through the moon and stars,

through the sun

through the earth,

through the water of life.

through the wind,

and the fire!


Let your heart glow

with the luminous light

of the Holy Spirit

of the Beloved

and discover the Joy

that only the divine presence

of Love can give.