Morning Lovesong


 O sacred morning,
O precious breath of dawn,
flow through us,
as a fountain
of new life.
Allow the rushing
eagerness of our longing
to become the
the gentle streaming
of love’s grace,
making its way to you,
through the vibrant colors
of the earth
in the fullness of spring,
in the passionate heat
of summer,
in the coolness of fall,
and in the purity
of winter’s patience.
Grant us the flowering
of friendship
with all Creation
dissolving us
as we dance into
 your outsretched arms.
Bathe us in the sunlight
of your golden gaze,
when all life turns toward your
lifegiving lover’s call.
You summon us with your glance
to surrender into the dawn
 as we feel the
 greening of our souls
and the blossoming
of our hearts.
Our life becomes the
transforming Joy of lovers
 discovering our melting
  oneness into all
 you create.

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2 Responses to “Morning Lovesong”

  1. Mashubi Says:

    Thank you Naomi! This is such a beautiful picture and heart song, it brings such peace to my heart and my energy body. You have a beautiful gift for finding just the right image to go with your words.

  2. Naomi Says:


    And discovering that you see it with me magnifies the light and the joy of creating it! The spirit seems to guide the expression and the visions. There are times I am as surprised as anyone as what appears before me! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

    Love, Naomi

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