Revelations of Love

My life was changed
by the experience
of falling under the gaze
of perfect love and the light
and revelation
of Conscious Love
In order to live
 into the vision of divine love,
we meet the vision as an embrace
through One that mirrors
our inner beauty to us,
sees within us,
 and graciously forgives us
for the times
we have been less than love
in our human behavior.
This is Conscious Love at work,
opening from one heart to another,
raising and transforming the energy
 through a Love that exalts us
and loves us with a Love
that touches the soul
and releases the light
embedded within us by God,
which is the light of Love and Truth.
We experience being seen
through the eyes of divine perception,
and we know it and feel it,
because it gives us moments
when we feel the ecstasy
of Joy and Union 
through a Love that only comes 
through a lived experience
 of our own wholeness,
when all opposites are balanced,
and we are not living
in opposition with
the Higher Self.
 We feel the life-giving radiance
streaming from our soul
into our cells
and we glimpse
the ascension in a way
that does not exclude us,
but welcomes us
into a divine reality
that becomes our existence.
It is more powerful than anything
that can happen to us
that might try to make us believe
we are less than we are.
It is the triumph of the new body,
 the new earth, the new spirit
that touches
 the eternal possibilities
 of Divine Love.
We leap into a new perception 
through the light
 of our own transfiguration.
We walk with Love. 
Love walks with us. 
We breathe its inclusiveness.
We become Love. 
We taste the sweetness
 of who we truly are,
and the overwhelming response
is to want to share it
with another
and another and another.
It is a fire, a blessed fire,
a burning glory,
that does not harm us, 
but transforms us,
and we experience
a renaissance
of our entire being.
We become One with the Beloved,
and we know
the wonder and beauty
 of Oneness and Belovedness
more perfectly 
than we ever could have
envisioned alone.

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