wandering in the mist
feeling the cooling droplets
tracing the skin
like fluid fingers of quiet rain
breathing the rich scent
rising from the dampness of the earth
beneath the silent summer grass
only the light from the stars
flickering in the tiny drops
that seem to drift from the sky
fragmenting the distant sun
into tiny lights
like tears mingling with tears
some creative power
far beyond the force of this life
moving each step
in this wilderness of
simple elegance
the heart a glowing ember
a remembrance of a greater flame
burning within
melting into dripping sparks
as they fall from lips
sighing and singing
the unearthly sound of a
lover’s song
like the solitary bird
lost in the sweet
flowing sounds
that announce the light long
before the dawn
eyes take no notice of the dark
surrendered to a beauty
of another kind
caught in the vortex
of a spiraling galaxy of love
spinning silver strands
of light around
the earth
enfolding lovers in
its embrace

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