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The Beloved Fills the Sky

July 31, 2008

The spirit plays with us,

the way sunlight slips in and out of

the leaves of the trees,

sliding out of sight,

 flaring into sun stars and blooming

 from the branches of the trees.

The light crackles and flashes within me

like a loose wire sprouting sparks,

fireworks of connecting neurons,

exploding like a thousand stars,

becoming rainbows

 in every puddle,

and in your eyes.

We splatter light, like paint,

on the canvas of the sky,

filling fields

with light as golden

as the prairie.

The light is not the light

we think we know,

 only seen in the dark

of our lost name,

and our vanishing robes.

It can only be felt

in our tears and our laughter

and our silent voices

crying out in the dark

without making

a single sound,

piercing the invisible shield

between heaven and earth.

Love has infinite faces,

and mercifully

makes us forget

which one used

 to be ours.

Only the Beloved fills the sky

of  our vision

and lingers in our hearts

and souls and minds,

Only love….only love…only love




Painting by Rassouli

‘Soul Migration’




A Prayer of Praise

July 30, 2008


Psalm 139

O Lord, you have probed me,
you know me:
  you know when I sit and stand;
you understand my thoughts from afar.
My travels and my rest you mark;
with all my ways you are familiar.
Even before a word is on my tongue,
Lord, you know it all.
Behind and before you encircle me
and rest your hand upon me.
Such knowledge is beyond me,
far too lofty for me to reach.
Where can I hide from your spirit?
From your presence, where can I flee?
If I ascend to the heavens,
you are there;
if I lie down in darkness,
you are there too.

If I fly with the wings of dawn  

 and alight beyond the sea,

Even there your hand will guide me,
your right hand hold me fast.
If I say, “Surely darkness shall hide me,
 and night shall be my light”
Darkness is not dark for you,
and night shines as the day.
Darkness and light are but one.
You formed my inmost being;
you knit me in my mother’s womb.
I praise you,
so wonderfully you made me;
wonderful are your works!
My very self you knew;
 my bones were not hidden from you,
When I was being made in secret,
fashioned as in the depths of the earth.
Your eyes foresaw my actions;
 in your book all are written down;
my days were shaped,
before one came to be.
How precious to me are your designs,
O God; how vast the sum of them!
Were I to count,
they would outnumber the sands;
to finish, I would need eternity.

You Are Not Alone

July 29, 2008




 I can sometimes hear

voices blooming like exotic

 flowers everywhere,

from cries and tears

raining and  falling in the night,

forming salty pools,

around so many

who are

feeling forgotten and alone,

longing hearts,

 hoping to hear

a word of love from

somewhere in the world.

Open your hearts

and share the love you guard

and hold inside,

saving it for a time and place

where it might feel safe to

 reveal your face.

Good intentions

 may not pay the bills,

and science may not heal

the outer symptoms

of pain and fear,

but love comes pouring forth

to help us know we

are not alone.

Our hearts are filled with

a greater wealth.

Our souls guard a sea

of healing light.

Spend the graces freely

and know they multiply with

every gift we give away.

Someone is waiting to hear a prayer

of love falling from our lips.

Sing out your love songs

and know the wings of spirit

will carry them

where they need to go.

I sing mine for you

in this early morning light.

May you feel the embrace

surrounding you

with love.





























May Love be Magnified

July 28, 2008



Sweet Darkness

When your eyes are tired

the world is tired also.

When your vision has gone

no part of the world can find you.


Time to go into the dark

where the night has eyes

to recognize its own.


There you can be sure

you are not beyond love.


The dark will be your womb



The night will give you a horizon

further than you can see.


You must learn one thing.

The world was made to be free in.


Give up all the other worlds

except the one to which you belong.


Sometimes it takes darkness and the sweet

confinement of your aloneness

to learn


anything or anyone

that does not bring you alive

is too small for you.


David Whyte


“The House of Belonging”


Listening to the Voice Within

July 27, 2008


 Come with me and sit in the presence

of whatever you hold sacred,

or whatever you find beautiful and true.

Perhaps, it is the moon and stars,

or the sun, or your flower garden,

or a flowing river, or a secret place,

where you go to be alone.


Open your heart and mind and soul

 and listen to the inner messages

 of all that you have taken into your self

since the beginning of your life.


Open your self to all that you have not heard

 and all that has not yet been created,

 and see what emerges in your own awareness.

What new thought or feeling

comes to you as you do this? 


Listen to the whisperings

in the silence and hear

the spirit stirring within you.

Trust that the highest possible Love

is a powerful

energy working in Creation,

and within you

and ask love to reveal

something that love

would like you to know.


What do you hear?

What do you feel? What are you attracting?

Let this simmer in your understanding,

 and then allow it to move your

understanding in a new way.

How would you like to express this?

  It can be whatever you feel

comfortable doing

for however long it takes you to do it.


See how Creation can open new

possibilities within you?

How can you allow this to enrich

and awaken your life in some new way?


There is a Presence in the Universe

that wants to make itself known to you.


Hold out your open hands and open your

 heart and mind and soul

and allow your own wholeness

to meet the energy

that created you.

Let it move through you

in whatever way

 you feel most free to experience.

In what ways could

 you share with someone what

  is happening

when you do this?

Write and share it with me

I would love to know.



(Painting by Rassouli


The Lightness of Love

July 25, 2008

We find our lightness of being in Love alone, and the light flows from that Life, the Source of all energy, all form, and all existence.

Blessings and Love flow out to you this morning, may you rise like the sun in awareness of the pure Gift and Generosity of God. 

Chapel for Wayfarers

 without walls

Symphony of Spirit

July 24, 2008

Every night I arise to sing,

to invite,

and to celebrate

the birth

 of sacramental love

in the opening of hearts,

as the earth and sky

reflect the brilliance of the light,

of each created moment,

of unnumbered seasons,

of the unexplored spaces of the soul,

of all that is possible

in the flashes of vision

radiantly given

through the divine

light of God.

In perfect stillness,

a cosmic beam

pierces time and splits

the universe

to let us touch


to feel and glimpse

the horizon

where heaven allows

its breathless beauty to mingle

with our own.

A Presence lingers

in the mystical movement

of every breath,

a sweet unfolding


 is poised to sweep

this human existence

into a transcendent realm

of union.

The songs slide

from my lips,

helplessly spinning

   words of love

into the music

of flowing streams

of spirit

already mingling

with your own.





Painting by Rassouli

“Greeting the Dawn”

Realm of Light

July 22, 2008




Realm of Light


There is a deep spring of life


through all creation

manifesting as

the divine light of being,

 scattering glowing sparks,

showering the earth with the radiance

and beauty of God.


The light dances in our eyes,

plays on the rolling waves

of the rivers and seas,

melts the frost from the earth,

draws the leaves out of hiding,

coloring them green as emeralds,

all the while

coaxing our souls to bloom.


We turn to the sun,

to feel the caressing touch

of fingers of light.

Blushing and smiling,  

we bask in the luminous rays

of cosmic truth

 crowning our existence

with the aura of God.


Prisms and rainbows

of color and light

play in the waterfalls,

 hide in crystals,

and spread across the sky

in droplets of rain.


Oh, may our hearts recognize

this gleaming

of  the glory of love.







 (Photo by Sadiq Alam

Mystic Lens on Flickr)





Love waits for Our Call

July 20, 2008





 Love Waits for Our Call



Darkness can be the obscurity

that opens the eyes

of the heart

to the light of love.

Weakness can be the opening

to the birth

of a new way of being.


Love can penetrate anything

and find its way into every heart,

 except the one

that closes the door

and turns away.

Even then, love waits

at the threshold to be called.


When we finally cry out

for love,

the way it comes to us

may not be how we dreamed

or ever imagined

it would come.


Love has a freedom

 unknown to our reasoning minds,

and in the helplessness,

of our breaking hearts,

 love comes rushing

 in like a river,

bearing the light

of an astonishing surprise.


Love is the most

beautiful companion and lover

 we could ever invite

to awaken in our souls.


Give love passage

in an ever flowing stream

 through your heart,

and I will come too.
















The Powerful Flow of Love

July 19, 2008



I walked by the river last evening as the sun was touching the sky with divine fire, wandering through flower gardens that were reaching for the light, still moist with the rain that had fallen earlier. The rivers have settled back in their banks since the flood, and they are flowing with new power toward the sea. It is useless to fight the current of God, and the river reminds us of that with its rising and spreading power. God, by Divine Nature, expands and fills the universe, and we are the pinnacle of that Creation, needing to learn a more complete surrender and sensitivity to the rhythms, the seasons, and the wonder of this beautiful spinning planet that has been created for us. May our hunger for technology not exceed the gift of expanding beauty that is continually rising from the earth.

All of my heart songs sing of the Presence of Love that is ours. I bow to it this morning, humbly and reverently…..and that love flows out to you, like the river and the rain and the rays of the sun. We have the choice, the incredibly free choice to hold out our hands and be anointed by Divine Love, to receive all our longing hearts are seeking.




The Call of the Beloved


I write and sing and spend my self

on the energy

dancing around and within me,

inviting and attracting

my will to let

 the walls of resistance

crumble beneath

the  creative power of love

  that I cannot escape.

I have no strength to hide

the sun arising within my heart.

I am helpless

in the bursting flaring heat

melting and dissolving

everything into

 the delicious pain of love.

My eyes see only the beloved

wherever I look,

and my joyful heart knows

who is looking.

I reach for words to place

in your hands,

to give you the gift

we were created to receive.

The words are so small,

and love cannot begin to reveal

the infinite One

who loves us more than life.

Oh, that I could send an arrow

of divine thought

straight into your heart

that you might see the light

and the love

streaming forth

from the life within you!

I hold the mirror of my eyes

in a blinding gaze

before you.

to reflect the rays.

May they ignite the sparks

and feed the flames

until you see the face of blazing beauty

that you truly are!