We sip the golden light from the cupped hands of God in the wild rose.




This is for Love.
It is not for the ego
that I witness to this in you,
but for your heart,
to give that blessed assurance,
that in the mirror
of my heart,
I see and feel who you truly are,
and who you carry
within you.
Somewhere in the world,
I have a friend,
who was given to me by God,
one in whom I feel Love,
and the Presence
comes to me
in that glowing face,
in the spirit of that friend,
who has a gentle, caring nature,
a laughing heart,
inner eyes that see beauty,
a peaceful soul,
and I gather my prayers of
and carry them to the
 altar of dawn
in gratitude
for the Presence of Love
however and whenever it comes.
Love dwells within me,
making itself known
within my heart.
We search everywhere
for a companion to share
and expand that love,
and Divine Love is the Friend,
the gift of grace
that comes rushing in to
answer that call.
That same Love goes before us
to prepare the way
wherever we go,
dwells with us while we are there,
and when we leave,
Love follows after us,
and through the grace of God
is there to greet us
when we return.
Love is both personal
and infinite.
It is our work in the world,
and our joy to just be
 who we have been created to be,
and yet,
how truly we need love
to live into that freedom!
Everyone around us
is touched and affected
by the Presence
we carry within us.
I do feel the recognition,
 the life-giving
energy and essence
of Love,
for I have seen
and felt its creative power.
God so generously
grants us an unending stream,
 and we simply 
open our hearts,
hold out our hands
and take our morning shower
in the gift of that Light.
My friend is Love
My friend is in everyone,
for Love dwells in each one of us.
Everything changes
when we experience its nearness,
and when we feel
and taste its sweetness.
Gaze at your heart.
Love is glowing within you
even now.
It is ours to share,
and mercifully,
we are free to drink
from that same cup,
when we offer it to another.

6 Responses to “Communion”

  1. Heidi Schwieger Says:

    Your poems are so prayerful. Do you share them with worship communities? I love the invitation, the welcome….I want to share them with some others who will enjoy.

  2. newoma Says:

    Thank you for your comment. I love the idea that you felt the invitation. I tend to think of love as invitation and the welcoming of the heart into the deeper experience of personal and communal love. Feel free to share them with anyone you like, that you feel might relate to them. I tend to wander across the boundaries of systems and belief, out into the deep space of unknowing at times, and not all are comfortable with that. As a result, I let others be guided to the stream of my expression, rather than trying to guide or direct them. I reached a point when my writing flowed with my breathing and the rhythm of my heart, rather than with any ideas or beliefs. I feel the nearness of God/Divine Love when I write, almost like a conversation of the heart to me. As a result, I have very little sense of promotion or publishing in my intention, rather a spilling over of the cup of grace, arising within me, pouring out, running over, which becomes a living word. It is a kind of ecstasy that moves me to express. Sharing it is another kind of communion. Poets of the heart are part of that invisible stream of spirit. Lovely to find you here, Heidi.

    Love, Naomi

  3. Cailean Benjamin Says:

    Blessed Naomi,

    Our dearly beloved friend and brother in Truth Sadiq, once wrote to me a sentiment of such loveliness, that I feel in all sincerity is meant for you.

    “Naomi, you leave me dumbfound and speechless with your words. I bow to your heart that beholds so much love and beauty.”

    In appreciation and love beyond all words and measure,

    Cailean x

  4. Naomi Says:

    Cailean x

    Meeting you through Sadiq is a blessing in itself. I thank you for your beautiful response. Sometimes, I am just singing and singing away, and when someone really hears me, I am in awe. Your words leave me humbled.
    Where do I learn about the expressions of your heart?


  5. Rabu Says:

    your words are very powerful. How could u express such a way?

    Thanks for sharing beauty with everyone.

    Blessings and Love

  6. newoma Says:

    It is especially satisfying that when I write from my heart, it has meaning for others. I appreciate very much your taking time to comment.
    When I prepare to write, I become very quiet inside, the blank page is in front of me, and I let the feelings flow from my heart to the page. I don’t plan what I will say at all, so it gives a voice to the deeper feelings within me.
    Thanks for your thoughts.
    Love, Naomi

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