A Day of Freedom




A Day of Freedom



There is something far more precious

hovering in the dawn

than we have yet to recognize.

There is a presence

hovering in the dark

that we have yet to call by name.

There is a light

hovering in our hearts

that dispels all darkness.

There is a voice

hovering within every voice

 speaking a deeper message than we hear.

There is a life

hovering in the silence

who is loving us without a word.

There is a spirit

hovering in our awareness

inviting us to remember flight.

There is One

hovering in all creation

who is breathing us into being.

The Beloved we seek

is already holding us in the

 expanding tenderness of divine love.

We are the light

and life and great joy

of this marvelous existence.


Let us celebrate

this gift of great fortune

with a feast of love and freedom.





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One Response to “A Day of Freedom”

  1. Jim Rotsaert Says:

    A day of Freedom gave me an understanding for the presence within all those things we don’t think about in daily life. If I could get it so could others who aren’t so much in tune with the Presence.

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