Fireworks of Freedom


Fireworks of Freedom


Out of all the names and all the books,

all the religions, and all the titles,

the God of Love

is reaching through the mounting

pile of words and doctrines

to bring us the clear path

of divine breath,

an open heart,

and the gift of freedom.

Sitting on a clear summer night

in an open field,

watching fireflies

compete with fireworks,

and children running

 for the sake of running,

laughing, creating, inventing ways

to live the stream of energy

flowing through them,

I felt the wonder of freedom

and being able

to live the way we choose,

to find a path to express the heart

that brings the joy and laughter

rushing through our lives.


It isn’t so much

which or what we choose,

but that we are free

to stumble along,

to see what we can learn,

to sometimes fail,

to feel and 

 to give thanks

for the moments

that truly flow from our hearts.

It is a rare privilege of freedom.

May love be the treasure,

the true grace that survives it all.

 May it be the stream

that unites us

across the world.







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