Altar of Presence

Altar of Presence

I bow before the mystery

of the Presence

of God,

aware of the deepening

hold on my heart,

surrendering my words

into the Love

that gives me life

and the meaning to go on.

I touch my forehead

to the cushion

of the cool green earth,

caressed by wildflowers,

humbled by the gentle gift

of peace and stillness

in my soul,

as I kneel beside this flowing

stream of grace.

It is not my striving that brings

me closer to God,

but my remembrance

of the surrounding beauty,

the sacrament of golden silence,

this moment of Presence

that is so freely given

without a word.


2 Responses to “Altar of Presence”

  1. dustinahkuoi Says:

    “It is not my striving that brings me closer to God”

    This is beautiful Naomi! I love the way you paint a picture with your words of God’s affection for us in those still and quiet moments. Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Jim Rotsaert Says:

    Your last two use flowing water to represent love. That makes sense to me and will to any person regarless of their spiritual affiliation since water is called the wellspring of life on earth as it is water they look for on Mars, and Moon to substantiate the possibility of life on other celestial bodies outside of earth.

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