Holy Ground


Holy Ground

When Muhammad disappears
into the beauty
of what he received
through his heart,
it is the quivering voice
of love
that releases the seeds
within us. 
When Rumi’s ecstatic songs
 are shared with love,
 a new sprout of growth emerges
 from the moisture 
of the flowing spring
within the soul. 
 When the strains of music
drifting in on the soft colors
of the dawn
are heard with love,
we feel the vibrations,
of the spirit tenderly stroking
the strings of the heart.
When the woman
washes the feet of Jesus
with her tears
and dries them with her hair,
it is the love that moves
the river flowing
between their hearts.
When the breeze
is soft and sensual,
and we feel it as the touch of love,
 the heart expands
and enlarges as the lover
we are meant to be.
When I have no resistance
to becoming you,
love is guiding me 
to wander in the meadows of
my deepest freedom.
What could be more thrilling
than to enter
the beauty of another heart,
  to risk everything
for such
  sweet intimacy?

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