Celebrating the Mystics


Rumi and Shams and Hafiz


Hafiz always tells us to have fun in his marvelous verses, so I created a collage to celebrate the wonderful beings of Rumi and Shams and Hafiz.
The spiritual portraits of Rumi and Shams have appeared recently in the creative blog of Sadiq Alam, known to us as the mystic saint in his writings.
They have been created by an artist named Zed,
who chooses to remain anonymous.
The wonderful energy of Rumi and Shams
comes to us in these visualizations. 
I posted the portrait earlier of Hafiz,
which is a painting done by the artist, Rassouli,
at www.rassouli.com
It symbolizes the beautiful metaphor of listening closely to the heart, radiating its divine light
 as it guides us on the path of love.
I have included a picture of my own joy
to be in this gathering, my very own Winehouse,
and I posted a picture of Sadiq, the keeper
of the wine of all the wonderful words and images,
to thank him for giving us a place
to gather in his very creative site at
Check out his daily postings.
You will feel the wonder of his inclusive invitation
to all who seek to know more about the infinite ways
we love and celebrate and praise our God.
Love, Naomi

2 Responses to “Celebrating the Mystics”

  1. MysticSaint Says:


  2. newoma Says:

    You are most welcome. I like the picture of you in the corner of the winehouse, because you look like the thinker 🙂 Something you do so naturally!

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