The Powerful Flow of Love



I walked by the river last evening as the sun was touching the sky with divine fire, wandering through flower gardens that were reaching for the light, still moist with the rain that had fallen earlier. The rivers have settled back in their banks since the flood, and they are flowing with new power toward the sea. It is useless to fight the current of God, and the river reminds us of that with its rising and spreading power. God, by Divine Nature, expands and fills the universe, and we are the pinnacle of that Creation, needing to learn a more complete surrender and sensitivity to the rhythms, the seasons, and the wonder of this beautiful spinning planet that has been created for us. May our hunger for technology not exceed the gift of expanding beauty that is continually rising from the earth.

All of my heart songs sing of the Presence of Love that is ours. I bow to it this morning, humbly and reverently…..and that love flows out to you, like the river and the rain and the rays of the sun. We have the choice, the incredibly free choice to hold out our hands and be anointed by Divine Love, to receive all our longing hearts are seeking.




The Call of the Beloved


I write and sing and spend my self

on the energy

dancing around and within me,

inviting and attracting

my will to let

 the walls of resistance

crumble beneath

the  creative power of love

  that I cannot escape.

I have no strength to hide

the sun arising within my heart.

I am helpless

in the bursting flaring heat

melting and dissolving

everything into

 the delicious pain of love.

My eyes see only the beloved

wherever I look,

and my joyful heart knows

who is looking.

I reach for words to place

in your hands,

to give you the gift

we were created to receive.

The words are so small,

and love cannot begin to reveal

the infinite One

who loves us more than life.

Oh, that I could send an arrow

of divine thought

straight into your heart

that you might see the light

and the love

streaming forth

from the life within you!

I hold the mirror of my eyes

in a blinding gaze

before you.

to reflect the rays.

May they ignite the sparks

and feed the flames

until you see the face of blazing beauty

that you truly are!




















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