Listening to the Voice Within


 Come with me and sit in the presence

of whatever you hold sacred,

or whatever you find beautiful and true.

Perhaps, it is the moon and stars,

or the sun, or your flower garden,

or a flowing river, or a secret place,

where you go to be alone.


Open your heart and mind and soul

 and listen to the inner messages

 of all that you have taken into your self

since the beginning of your life.


Open your self to all that you have not heard

 and all that has not yet been created,

 and see what emerges in your own awareness.

What new thought or feeling

comes to you as you do this? 


Listen to the whisperings

in the silence and hear

the spirit stirring within you.

Trust that the highest possible Love

is a powerful

energy working in Creation,

and within you

and ask love to reveal

something that love

would like you to know.


What do you hear?

What do you feel? What are you attracting?

Let this simmer in your understanding,

 and then allow it to move your

understanding in a new way.

How would you like to express this?

  It can be whatever you feel

comfortable doing

for however long it takes you to do it.


See how Creation can open new

possibilities within you?

How can you allow this to enrich

and awaken your life in some new way?


There is a Presence in the Universe

that wants to make itself known to you.


Hold out your open hands and open your

 heart and mind and soul

and allow your own wholeness

to meet the energy

that created you.

Let it move through you

in whatever way

 you feel most free to experience.

In what ways could

 you share with someone what

  is happening

when you do this?

Write and share it with me

I would love to know.



(Painting by Rassouli


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