The Beloved Fills the Sky

The spirit plays with us,

the way sunlight slips in and out of

the leaves of the trees,

sliding out of sight,

 flaring into sun stars and blooming

 from the branches of the trees.

The light crackles and flashes within me

like a loose wire sprouting sparks,

fireworks of connecting neurons,

exploding like a thousand stars,

becoming rainbows

 in every puddle,

and in your eyes.

We splatter light, like paint,

on the canvas of the sky,

filling fields

with light as golden

as the prairie.

The light is not the light

we think we know,

 only seen in the dark

of our lost name,

and our vanishing robes.

It can only be felt

in our tears and our laughter

and our silent voices

crying out in the dark

without making

a single sound,

piercing the invisible shield

between heaven and earth.

Love has infinite faces,

and mercifully

makes us forget

which one used

 to be ours.

Only the Beloved fills the sky

of  our vision

and lingers in our hearts

and souls and minds,

Only love….only love…only love




Painting by Rassouli

‘Soul Migration’




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