Warriors of Love

Warriors of Love

 Oh beloved mystics,

lovers and friends

rising from the past,

making your hearts known to us,

cleansing the dusty path

with the wine of your love,

help us to hear the deeper beauty

of your longing to set us free!


We live in the smoke

of our contaminated minds

that blinds us

to the treasure of our hearts.

Let the winds of freedom

clear our vision.


Open our ears to the truth.

Let the light of the sun

and that ever glowing moon

break through the clouds

of our self focus

and the foolishness to think

 we know the way

to unite all hearts in love!


We trade our innocence for fame,

and our integrity

to win a war.

Lives are lost

as we stumble through

the jungle of our own

misguided minds.


Draw the bow and send the arrow

straight into our hearts.

Wound us with love

that we might walk with you now

 when we need you so.


May the beloved one

lead us, be our shepherd,

and our guide

to create a new circle

 of warriors

to become the lovers we

 were meant to be.

We raise the chalice at dawn

and drink together,

lips touching,

as we drink deeply

from the common cup

of freedom.





3 Responses to “Warriors of Love”

  1. Cailean Benjamin Says:

    Poem, upon poem, upon poem of such tremendous luminosity. Thank You.

    The late John O’Donohue in his Beauty Blessing said:

    “As the breath of light awakens colour
    may the dawn anoint your eyes with wonder.”

    Clearly, you are already anointed Loveliness.



  2. Naomi Says:


    John O’Donohue has given us many blessings in awakening us to beauty,
    I love his writings..and nowhave most of his books. Thank you for reading and listening with your heart.

    And I say, in his memory, bless the spaces between us, for they are filled with God.


  3. 2nd Sufi Poetry Carnival « Abdur Rahman’s Corner Says:

    […] Warriors of Love | Naomi […]

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