Creating A Life


Creating A Life
Be still
and come with me
where flowers I have never
seen before are blooming beneath
my feet wherever I walk into a waking dream.
Follow a thought
into a world turned inside out
and let it take me where it wants to go.
I am walking
on softness that sinks
and springs back as I lift 
each foot, turning colors, sometimes
like walking on water and feeling the surface
of the ocean sustaining and supporting me as I walk.
Anything is possible.
I feel the sunlight on the water.
I can see in all directions with ocean
all around me standing and gazing and feeling
the ocean inside me, washing through me, flowing
as if I weren’t there.
I can watch it and feel it, 
and I realize I am transparent
and liquid. I am the water, and the water is me.
I am the night
the night is glowing
inside of me and morning
is the dream like a memory
I can swim in the darkness and
it holds me in a way I can glide and
feel that I am intimate with the presence
that creates it and there are no stars or moon
or anything visible in it while I am flowing through it.
I am whatever
I see and whatever
I am not seeing for it is
all the creation of the thought
that goes where it goes where it goes.
It assumes nothing.
It knows no prior existence.
It only moves and creates as it goes.
I am not aware of anyone directing or guiding it.
It is unfurling
and unfolding inside
pure thought with no intention.
I curl up in it
and let it take me
back into sleep until
I turn inside out into awakening.
I am sleep, and I am consciousness.
I sit without moving aware of simply being.
A thought
wanders in and
I wonder if I can
allow my heart to guide
me the way I floated in thought.
I am aware of a spreading warmth
and a sweetness that creates me as a living
being that begins to appear in the form that is me.
Love is the way back
from wherever I have been in this journey.
I feel tears
in my eyes and
know that only love is real
and pure thought can summon it
to bring its beauty to the present moment
and create the joy of intimacy with One who creates.
is not a large
enough word for
this perfect flowing life.
is only a name
which allows me to
speak to this moment and to you.
Painting by Rassouli
Two Infinities

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