The door to truth

swings open at dawn.


I open my arms to you

in the early morning sunrise

to offer you a place

where you can come

rest a while

next to my heart.


When you let me love you,

it sets me free

from fighting so hard

to hold it inside,

for fear

I will frighten you away.


Close your eyes and bask in the love

I feel for who you are.

I see and feel that golden child

 you protect underneath

your wild disguises

and listen to all

the words that hide

what you are wanting to say.


I take the blows

 and deflect the pain

from every remark

that tries to push me away.


O beautiful one!

Your longing touches mine,

and I feel what is real,

and all

that makes us One.


Bless me with the

gift of freedom

to love you.





2 Responses to “Heartsong”

  1. dustinahkuoi Says:

    This is beautiful. Thanks for sharing this…I love it!

  2. Naomi Says:

    ………..and I love you, Dustin.

    Thank you for letting me love you.


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