The Heart of God


The exaltation of woman,
seen for so long as unworthy by so many,
may one day be seen as the
ultimate divine justice of the Love of God.
 The incredible intimacy that is possible
in the Sanctuary of the Heart of God
  through the Spirit and Purity of Divine Love
is moving quietly and profoundly transforming us
one by one
drawing us into the Light and Truth
of God’s own exalted Nature,
where woman is
cherished and protected,
honored and created
to become the crowning glory dwelling
within God’s most Sacred and Holy Heart,
in the Perfection and Paradise
in Holy Scripture.
Through Grace and Forgiveness,
the man,
who fought to become a god
to rule the world,
who tried to steal the sun
and claim the power of the Creator,
will be allowed to enter only
through his total surrender and submission
to the authority of God.
If woman must become like a male
to exist in the world,
then man must become like a woman
to dwell in the eternal existence
possible within God.
Love will unite them to realize
their wholeness, and All
will become as One Heart, One Soul,
and One Spirit.
Christ will rise like the Phoenix
bearing us all to become
a spark in the manifestation and appearance
of the Messiah,
the great Light and Truth and Love
of God.
Painting by
“The Grace of Alpha” 

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