waltz of freedom


the deep rumblings of thunder
 streaks of sparking light gone crazy
pounding rain and wind 
lashing the trees
are washing out roads
the fury of the storm feels
like gathering anger
 for some place to
 land a punch
power that can turn
the world to cinders and wash
it away
is the new goliath
come to call
fear induced conversion
is so pointless
so I search for a tiny pearl
for the slingshot
 of my words
this wild devastation
belongs to the
crazy technology of
the tinker toys
of men
messing with the earth
and its rhythms
calls out a mighty power to
restore the balance
of beauty
when will we be stewards
and shepherds of
all we are given
and learn reverence
for this life
what legacy is this
to destroy paradise
and lay down our lives
for the nothingness
of ambition
the broken bodies
of christ
lie on the battlefield
and in our streets waiting
 to be found
no one deserves love
it is a generous grace freely given
 that we seem
set upon strangling 
with our fears
the eye of the storm
is a shelter
 a center of stillness
in the wild turbulence
of blustering fools
love is gathering us in
if all the challengers would
  just put down
their weapons and
give up the darkness of war
love will never destroy
but our stubborn
battle for control may
kill us all
we are drowning
in our tears
and love is asking
us to dance on the water
in the light
will this be the last waltz
before one more
barren planet dangles
and drifts
in a timeless sky
break the bank and kiss
the frog
and the turtle and
each other
and celebrate
listen to your heart
and dance with your soul
waltz on the sea
of pearls in the light
of the sun
open your heavy lidded
eyes to beauty
and listen to the music of
the merry fiddlers
hidden in the grass
painting by rassouli

One Response to “waltz of freedom”

  1. MysticSaint Says:

    its beautiful my dear! thanks so much for sharing the heart expression.

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