The Gift of Dreaming


The Gift of Dreaming


Drifting on the edge of a dream, I heard a single ring, like a telephone

inside my heart, in which the ringing sound became a beat

blossoming into sound, and I saw the phone sitting

on an altar, looking very much like the one

I have created here in my sanctuary,

and I reached out to answer it,

and it burst into a vision

before I touched it.

I held very still and

savored the wonder of it,

and before I took the next breath,

my heartbeat burst into another vision.

Every time I would breathe in the breath of God,

when I exhaled, it would manifest as a creation of love

and the life force would send it out against the sky of my vision.

I walked over in the dream state to write it down and describe it to you,

and it seemed to be a flowing wave of the way creation is formed

God blinks and breathes and we sigh with love

and blossoms of light and music and sweet

fragrance drifts and forms around us.


Creation flows in

the mingling of our breath

in each precious beat of the heart

and in each singing sigh of the soul

each with the unique flavor

of who we become in

the divine embrace

the brush of eyelashes

the whisper of a breath

the rhythm of a heartbeat

the sweet silence of a soul call

the delicate movement of the dance

the reflection of the light upon our face

and the birth of spirit sending forth spirit

anointing the universe with the tenderness of God

creating a feast of love in a garden of paradise for lovers.






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2 Responses to “The Gift of Dreaming”

  1. Jim Rotsaert Says:

    Those days, the bible talks about , between the things of God’s creation could possibly have lasted about as long as the visions you experienced in your dream. We tend to think of those days in our terms and in our experiences but they could have taken place in the length of time of between heartbeats

  2. Naomi Says:

    That is so true!
    Scripture tells us we can be changed in the twinkling of an eye,
    and Love follows the breath of God…..not our earthbound mental sense of measuring linear time.
    Yet, Love forms the bridge that connects them both….and suddenly we are spiraling between earth and spirit.


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