Take the Hand of Love

Take the Hand of Love

Seeking and wandering

from one dimension to another,

through the realms of imagination

and the spiraling of my dreams

into parallel worlds

still hovering in

separated and unknown places

of the hidden corners of my mind,

I choose the path that leads

straight into my heart

and feel the warm embrace of home.

The walls and barriers dissolve,

melting as the fire of the sun

casts its streaming light upon

an open meadow and

a profusion of wildflowers
blossoming from

the endless longing of love.

It is a pathless land of freedom,

where I feel the aching beauty

in my soul,

a sudden leap of recognition,

a remembrance of grace,

a place where

all hearts are welcome.

I feel the opening arms of Spirit

spreading across an infinite sky,

as I lie down in the softness

of fluttering wings and wildflowers

and disappear into the mystery

of a deep blue gaze

and the sweet breath

of the Beloved.


One Response to “Take the Hand of Love”

  1. Cailean Benjamin Says:


    Such beauty here

    to disappear through so sweet a surrenderance


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