The Light of Freedom

The night is brimming with secrets

hidden in the veil

of the clouds,

moonlight spilling from hands

that offer a drink of light

from the deep well

of life.

Sip the truth from the hands

of God

and savor the purity

of Love.

Let the stars point the way

in the midst of this outer darkness,

for there is a voice

within your heart

whispering and calling

your name.

Remember the One who longs

to set you free.

Recognize the beauty of freedom

where you thrive.

Run shamelessly and unafraid

into the open arms of God.

Feel the perfection

of Love.

There are many paths to choose,

but only one to free you.

Fall into the sheltering Grace

of Love

and trust its creative power

to hold you close

to the truth.


Photograph: by Dan Stone

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