A Blessing of Presence

A small bird with ruffled feathers

landed on my deck outside

my window and sat

quietly there

eyes blinking, huddled down,

as if cold and confused

needing to rest.

I was so grateful to see and feel

the wonder of the Life that

formed this little


No great wings, no joyful song

did he bring to me,

just a splash of color and

the white and gray fluff

of a tiny bird with

sleepy eyes.

I held very still and watched

and listened.

I placed my hand over my heart

sending my love and

warmth in welcome.

You bring a little sky to me,

little bird,

and I share my space

with you to rest.

Carry my love to all your

feathered friends,

and he straightened up,


and flew away.

Sweet messenger of morning,

bringing remembrance of

the miracle of flight and

the movement

of life!

May the spirit of the wind

support your wings,

and bless your



5 Responses to “A Blessing of Presence”

  1. Jim Rotsaert Says:

    And you have said that I was a St. Francis. I think you had a great conversation with that bird like Francis would. But I talk to the squirrels around my place. I call each squirrel “Mr. Squirrel”. They look at me and respect me because I use that title of Mr. to them. They are startled by and appreciate the respect I show them.

  2. Cailean Benjamin Says:

    Loveliness, little bird, Mr Jim and all his little friends (sorry Mr Squirrel’s, I know that you are really not so ‘little’ at all) and of course, all the wondrous wee ones everywhere,

    blessings upon blessings to you from this mischievous wee mystic now and always.


  3. Naomi Stone Says:

    Cailean, the mischievous mystic, Jim, the St. Francis of Lantern Square,
    little birds, saucy squirrels, love is in the eye of the one looking, and
    suddenly everything and everyone is beautiful…..even the scavenging raccoon, the homeless human poking in the dumpster for treasures, and those who visit my sanctuary to share my love songs.

    Love, Naomi

  4. KAREN JO Says:

    JOY, NAOMI…To experience the wee bird when there is no time for a needed walk! Attuned–Appreciative–Awesome. Loved the poems. Special Hawaiian friend quoted: Remember–the bird sings~~not because he has the answer–but because he has a SONG. We do give profound thanks, daily, for ALL! Love You, shiny spirit. KJ

  5. Naomi Stone Says:

    Karen Jo,
    What a delightful surprise to discover you wandering in the garden of my heart expressions and adding your lovely words!
    Bless you!

    Love, Naomi

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