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Light of the Beloved

October 31, 2008

May you see and feel the Light of the Beloved
looking through your eyes and gazing
 at you wherever you go,
whatever you do,
and in every reflection 
of the created world.
May you know the unspeakable beauty
of the Love of the Beloved in your
heart and soul
and feel the warmth and richness
of that embrace.
May you hear the Voice
within your voice that guides
your every thought and word
as your life becomes
your song of Joy
that you share with every listening
and hungry heart.
May you know the breath of life
 and be sustained
by the
Beloved’s breathing.
May you drink the water of life
 in communion at dawn,
at midnight,
in every sunrise and sunset,
in every morning and evening,
and feel the water changed to wine
by the touch of the love of Jesus
 still blessing the wine 
of every union.
May the spaces between us 
always be blessed
and so filled with
the Beloved,
there will be no distance between
our hearts and souls.
May you know the heart and soul
of the Beloved within me
 is known in the
of the heart and soul
of the Beloved
 within you.
You are as much me
as I am myself
and I am as much you
as you are yourself
and our nameless, faceless existence
of Spirit is known
 in our recognition and remembrance
that all life is but
a ray
of the miracle and majesty
of the Beloved.


The Treasury of Our Hearts

October 30, 2008



The Treasury of Our Hearts



Our souls are

 filled to overflowing

with the mysteries of love.

The river that flows past our doors

 turns red from the tears of

our bleeding hearts.

We are cups that are never empty

of the divine life-giving wine,

for as they are purified,

 they run clear as the

water of life, rising as mist

in the warmth of the sun,

splintering into rays

  to light our way.

We are crystals, broken open,

harboring rainbows,

reflecting the

mystery of light.

The alchemy and purity of love

turns us to gold,

and we radiate an

eternal flame of spirit,

a holy breath,

that is purified, like the water

of our tears,

shimmering energy,

expanding and unseen

filling the empty places

of the world with love.

The treasury within our hearts

whispers away in

 silent rhythm

 sounding the drum of fortune

proclaiming the gift

of our lives.






Dearly Beloved

October 28, 2008


Dearly Beloved



A flood of salty tears is washing away

a thousand names and faces

that flicker in the dark, like sparks

 of dying embers.

Love is giving birth to love.

The face of the sun is

melting the mirror

and blinding my eyes with

 unrelenting light


Re-membering becomes a way of being

that is not about resurrecting

the past,

nor is it about making

a future.

It is about surrendering to

 what cannot be known

or grasped in faith

and is unable

to tell us where we are

or where

 we are going.


If you do not recognize the one

that is emerging from the sea,

call out for the beloved,

where every voice

 has drowned in silence,

for there is breathing beneath

 the waves reverberating

 from that heart.


There is a dwelling place

 in the obscurity

of  the madness of love,

that offers shelter from the

raging storm

of the frightened ones.


I tremble and shake in the

quivering quake that

 crushes me.

I call out, but no one hears

the voice, including me.


I melt. I drown. I die,

and as I turn to look behind me,

there is nothing there.


Was it all a dream?


Would it be so terrible if I were you

and you were me?


What might we see from there,

that we could not see

from here?


What might we learn if we threw

 our books away?


What might we feel if we gave ourselves

  to love to refashion us in

 its enfolding arms?


Love is the unseen beauty of a desiring wave

 pursuing, flowing, longing

surrounding, cradling us

in a rocking rhythm

of  sweet ecstasy.


I feel the rolling sea and taste the wine

and feel the tether breaking free

of all I thought was me.


The beloved is a love that

is forever free.














The Stirring of Life

October 26, 2008

Just a tiny sliver of a moon left as the sun touches the horizon with light, a cool breeze, and a deep quiet has settled over everything…..the phases of the moon go from full moon to the night with no moon. I feel like I am in that zone between the world and spirit….perhaps, it is where we touch our forehead to the threshold, kiss the place of entry, before crossing into the special air and rhythm of the heart….as the light brings everything to life again.

When the divine eyes that look out over creation, with that Great Heart brimming over ready to wash the world with divine grace, no longer see anyone keeping a vigil over the garden of the heart, will it cease to rise and bring warmth to the Valleys of the Sun?  If no one is present to the miracle, will everything bloom and awaken without anyone singing the beauty?  Here in this stillness, I feel the singing of the sun in the circling of the sacrament of dawn within my heart and in the universe. Aligning with the light, we merge and dance as one.

I was up two or three times in the night, and I was remembering lines of poetry of Whitman and Wordsworth, and what it was like to watch dawn over the Mississippi River, and recalling the enchantment of my play as a child, and they all seem to flow into a single moment of dawn, this very moment, in the ways all moments are simultaneously happening throughout the universe.

I remember a young girl speaking from the other side of her existence, does anyone ever realize life while they live it, I mean really see it while they live it? She was looking at the beauty of it with the awakened eyes of the spirit. I think of how many times I have spoken words without grasping their deeper meaning or looked upon beauty without truly seeing it.

You know how creatures can pick up food, take it to a spring or brook and wash it clean, almost like baptizing it before eating it, it feels like dawn does that to the day….to our hearts…purifies the air before we breathe it….again. 

Ah, the sun just appeared over the horizon and turned the dawn into golden morning.  How utterly beautiful!

My womb has known the stirring of life within it as a child grew and formed within me, and I feel we are in the womb of creation stirring and discovering the life that we are.  Oh that every heart might awaken to the holiness and beauty of the precious life they are.


Perhaps as we feel our oneness, and we take the essence of another within us, we don’t give birth to a physical being, but love expands to take us all in and gives birth to us in a new way…and we feel the lightness of our being….the transparency of spirit…and the wingless flight of love. Oh, how I feel it this morning.



A New Dawn

October 23, 2008

A New Dawn



I awake in belovedness,

 tousled and warm,

 wound in blankets and pillows,

called into the world

from the depths

of curls and sweetness,

kisses and songs,

 meadows of blossoming flowers,

and I embrace the stillness

around me.

I lie here, basking in the thrill

of velvet dreams now just

out of reach.

Smiling in the vapors of

the invisible wine

 of love, I stumble

out on my deck and feel

the first caresses of morning,

tasting the essence

and purity of a new day,

a new beginning,

a new world,

born again to behold

the earth in innocence.

Everything I see and touch

holds a secret inside,

a remembrance

of belovedness.

Is it any wonder I have fallen

into the spinning path

of opposites

running to embrace

the darkness and the light,

 sunset, midnight, a dawn

and a rising sun!

I greet the morning

with my soul.







“Greeting the Dawn”

Painting by







We Are Blessed to Be a Blessing

October 22, 2008


Prayer of the Heart


Of all we can aspire to in this world,

may we be kind and gentle people

who love one another.

May we truly care about the condition

of our hearts and being true

to the love that is written there.

May we long for the well being of all

and uncurl the fists of tension

that conceal our beautiful hands.

May we hold our palms to the heavens

and feel the streaming light of grace

washing us clean of all

that dims the light from within.

May we lay down the self-serving goals

which draw the darkening clouds

that obscure our vision.

May we awaken to the gifts

of beauty around and within us

of all that has been created

for every living soul

on the face of the earth.

May we see the beauty within

and forgive the flaws

that cause us to stumble and fall

and forget the paradise

within our hearts.

May we join our hands and voices

and sing to the heart that

holds all hearts,

dwell in the Soul that

holds all souls,

and swim in the Love that

is the sea of all love.

Now is the time to stop insulting

heaven by trying to steal

 God’s sovereign

right to judgment,

and surrender to a glory

that forgives our

narrow minds.

The circle of love reaches

around the world and beyond

the visible skies,

and we are held in the gaze

of benevolent eyes.

May we learn to love before

the end of time, and

 before this spinning paradise

is cast from its orbit

to become more drifting dust

in empty space.

We cannot steal the fire

from the sun,

nor decorate our homes

with the stars.

We cannot steal the throne

of Creation from God

with our inflated heads of air.

We have played the fools

for centuries, and

now is the time to end

this charade.

May we open our eyes, our arms,

and our hearts,

and run to the One who

waits for our return.

Oh let us love one another

as we have been loved!

It is time. It is time. It is time.















The Silence of the Soul

October 19, 2008


 The Soul is the Silence,

the stillness of the Infinite Ocean

of God,

 from which all Creation

 is reflected.

I lie down in green pastures,

beside the still waters


to find renewal,

from the life-giving

 energy flowing through

 the Heart.

It moves in the rhythm of

 the circling spheres

to create the cycle

 that purifies

 the blood of life,

to flow as the eternal spring

of the water of life.


 Our soul emerged from

 that One Great Soul

from which All is created,

and it will forever be

our Home.

Our heart dwells within

the priceless treasure of that

 One Great Heart,

the mystery that can never

truly be named.


Awaken and know

that your very existence

is poised on the threshold

of that Sacred Silence,

and only Love

will allow you to enter.


Give Love the freedom to guide

you where it will,

and the energy

 of the Spirit of Love

will rise in the

Breath of New Life.




Hour of Beholding

October 18, 2008


 Hour of Beholding


The Beloved has so many faces,

and they all are beautiful

in their way.

The heavens have many mansions

and many rooms for us

to explore.

The light streaming through the stars

opens many paths and flows

 in both directions.

The wind becomes a gentle breeze

to come near enough to touch

 us as a breath.

The breath moves within us

in a most intimate and

tender way.

The fire of the sun is filtered

to veil the flames to send

 us warmth.

Blessings pour out like wine

in every moment of

 every day.

O may we meet in holy hour

in reverence for this

gift of life.




Painting by Rassouli




October 18, 2008




I have been longing for you

 from this corner,

 for what feels

 like forever,

 waiting for you

with a heart throbbing

 like the dove,

entrapped in the cage

 of the mind’s

aimless meanderings,

brushing against

time and a turning world,

I feel you stirring

within me,

quieting my heart

and soothing my soul.


I feel you preparing the way

 before me,

always beside me,

behind me,

below me if I fall,

above me,

and when I ascend,

you greet me.


I know in my heart,

it is in your love,

that I live and move

and have my



I sense your hidden presence

in the seasons,

in your coming and going,

through the circling

cycles of

midnight and dawn,

of morning and evening,

and in the colored

 veils of twilight,

you appear

in the silhouettes

 forming against the

  setting sun.


 You set my heart ablaze

with every thought,

as your image bursts forth in

my wild imagining,

like the birth

of a star,

 and you are here.

and I am

in your arms.







Painting by rassouli,

Window of Eternity

Rivers and Rainbows

October 15, 2008

Oh love, what would you write

on the empty page

of my life

in the deep quiet

of the night?

With no one listening

 except my heart,

what would you say to mine?

Listen to the stream

flowing through your heart.

Listen to the river of love

as it sings to you.

Let where it has been and

  where it is going

come together in this

present moment,

when you dance on the water

with the sunlight

and let the cleansing current

carry away

the dust of the day.

Let love swirl and surround you,

flowing where the way

is sure and sweet.

The river is always moving,

always seeking,

 forming new paths

along the way,

making its way to the sea.

Let love be your light

and your sun

streaming into the

  sea of your soul.

See the face of love in the

reflections of the river

and hear its whispering lips,

as each wave rushes to be near you

to kiss the shore of  your being.

The secrets of love will

bloom as wildflowers

wherever it goes.

When the mist rises

from the river,

forming rainbows in the

clouds in the sky,

love will fall

as a gentle rain

 from heaven and reign

  in your heart