the journey that never ends


The Gift
After the wind-bruised sea
furrowed itself back
into the folds of blue, I found
in the black wrack
a shell called the Neptune –
tawny and white,
with a tail
and a tower
and a dark door,
and all of it
no larger
than my fist.
It looked, you might say,
very expensive.
I thought of its travels
in the Atlantic’s
wind-pounded bowl
and wondered
that it was still intact.
Ah yes, there was
that door
that held only the eventual, inevitable
There’s that – there’s always that.
Still, what a house
to leave behind!
I held it
like the wisest of books
and imagined
its travels toward my hand.
And now, your hand.
~ Mary Oliver ~
the journey with no end
we travel from the visible into the invisible
 leaving a vaporous trail of spirit
when we are
 empowered by love
eternity opens its doors

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