Dancing with the Seasons


I love the changing seasons, the color, the changing face of the earth.  I would miss them terribly if I were not where I could feel the changes in the winds. There is something so beautiful in the way the earth responds to the Breath of Life. When everything begins to go inside, to retreat from the colder air, to nestle in and find the garden within, I feel how it blooms as surely there as anywhere.

Perhaps I am even more aware of the garden of the heart and the serenity of the soul when I wander in that mystery as the face of the earth changes before my eyes.

The mystery looms so urgently within me. I feel it pressing against the boundaries, until the spirit finds the freedom to move beyond them. The spirit moves in the cold as freely as in the spring….unaffected by the changes. It is the constant in the sky of my being. The star to follow is ever lighting the way. My prayer is new as I feel the Presence of life in new ways through the seasons, ever changing, always transforming, always creating, starting over, making things new again. As the leaves are turning and falling, I bid them goodbye until spirng. I miss the green, but I feel the expectancy forming within me, for their return.

I draw all those I love like a soft blanket around me and draw warmth from the love I feel in the closeness there.

God is found in the details, in the coming and going of our lives, as surely as anywhere, and is most certainly found in the wonder of the changing seasons, through the eyes of our beholding the infinite forms and faces that appear and disappear in our lives.

The kaleidoscope of this earth is creation itself gently turning to keep it alive, ever moving, ever changing, and I love its moods, the beauty, the silences, the sound of rain, the noisy thunder, the winds banging the shutters, the waters of the rivers rushing by, the ocean forever rushing to the shore, the clouds drifting by changing shapes with every breeze, the leaves falling and dancing from the trees, the air filled with snow, and the snowflakes making soft little sounds on the windows, the smell of burning leaves and the scent of flowers, children waddling in too many winter clothes, half naked splashing in puddles in spring, beautiful bodies on the beach, soaking up the sun in the summer. Oh, I love them all. When I look out the window, the position of the sun and moon are slowly changing, and I can feel the changing skies and the turning earth.

I open my heart and sing for the joy and wonder of it all and for the privilege of sharing it with you.


Love, Naomi












2 Responses to “Dancing with the Seasons”

  1. Cailean Benjamin Says:

    As always so beautifully and naturally expressed.

    Thank You.

  2. Jim Rotsaert Says:

    I love the colors in that picture. They fit so well with your message. You also know that I need the 4 seasons in my life

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