The Spirit Sings

The Spirit Sings 


The energy of Hafiz

 comes swirling into my room

and awakens me

at midnight

to speak to the hidden

questions in

my heart.

 How does he know from

 so long ago?

There is no time in the heart,

and the soul is a sea

of Love bringing

all that has ever been

into the Presence

of Now.

Whatever happens to

the beloved,

happens to the


Whatever happens to

the lover

happens to the


I think Hafiz

is a name for

one who has memorized

the heart,

and when he dances

to its rhythm,

I find myself dancing

 around the room

in his arms.

When my heart cries,

tears fall from

his eyes.

When he feels the longing 

of desire,

soft kisses touch my lips.

The miracle is hidden

in mystery,

and the mystery

becomes the miracle.

Love circling in

 the heart is the whirlwind

of forever

writing its secrets

on the heart.





mystical ecstasy


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