A Flight At Night

A Flight at Night


I awakened in the night

with  a tapestry forming before my eyes

 in the dripping colors of creation!

I could feel that something

 of myself was in it.

The sweep grew larger

expanding into something new,

as images and words faded into faces.

Designs danced and swirled

weaving the way

with gossamer threads of

 silky paint and rain.

The color of midnight

 was mixing with light from

 behind the moon

making the moon smile in surprise

to feel a touch from out of sight

 borrowing light at this time of night

to weave a tapestry of dreams.

Birds were dipping their wings

 and leaving prints.

A great white bird flew right

through the middle

smearing and gathering colors

looking like a rainbow

spreading its wings to show the stars,

 as it went flapping by the moon.

Rising to join them,

my spirit broke free and began to soar.

I could hear the subtle sounds

of spinning stars all around me.

I tried a dip and a swoop

to see if I could navigate the night.

I did a somersault in the sky

and hearing my own laughter,

I turned over and over playfully

plowing into the tapestry,

leaving a hole

 in the incredible beauty there.

The colors mended themselves behind me

adding a touch of human flight

to the tapestry of night.

I tugged at the edges

and wrapped them around me

spinning and spiraling

until I was tucked away

in my dreams.

I let it all unravel and set it free

to create another tapestry.





7 Responses to “A Flight At Night”

  1. Jim Rotsaert Says:

    I know that this website can create a drag on your energy, but I for one would want you to continue to keep it, even if you had to skip a day or write only every other day or maybe even 3 times a week or just once a week. Now that the world has a taste of your gifts we only want more but only when you are willing to share them. If sharing your gifts this way gets to be a burden , the quality will not be there either.

  2. Naomi Says:

    Bless you. My mind gets weary….but the heart always seems to revive me.
    ……to draw me into the song

  3. Jim Rotsaert Says:

    looks a lot like one of the Northern Lights

  4. Cailean Benjamin Says:

    Jim, what an absolute luv you are! I really couldn’t agree with you more.

    Love to you both from the innermost depths of my heart,


    x x

  5. Naomi Stone Says:

    It seems important to say that writing is never a drain on my energy. It is a privilege and an adventure that has expanded and uplifted my spirit and my life.
    My only hesitation comes when the thought of “readers” or “expectations” of others…..whether imagined or perceived or expressed…..come into my energy field.
    Sometimes, when posting my nightly wanderings here, I am aware of those who have expressed thoughts about my writing, and it affects the purity and clarity of my wayfaring in the oceans of infinity. I have come to long for the pure wine of mystics, and the play of light on the face of my dreams is a heaven I wish I could offer every heart.
    I center my life in my heart, and I begin again. I offer it with no intention except witnessing to the possibilities of every life to wander in…..not the northern lights…..but the light of love, which is endless and ecstatic joy and sacred peace and every other description you could uncover in your own holy life.
    I offer them in love.
    Thank you for sharing in them, for hearing them, and for your presence here.

    Love, Naomi

  6. Cailean Benjamin Says:


    I hear you and I know that what you say is so.

    How could Love ever drain our energies? It is (our) energy – its is All energy – the Eternal Spring of Life – the Only song untouched by time.

    Without any intention or expectation, the purity, the clarity, the bliss and the freedom that is Love creates.

    In the selfless reflection
    of desireless devotion,
    pray”er”less prayer,
    meditive motion,
    there is song,
    thereis poetry,
    there is dance,
    there is Love.



  7. Naomi Stone Says:

    Beautiful! Perfectly beautiful.

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