Rivers and Rainbows

Oh love, what would you write

on the empty page

of my life

in the deep quiet

of the night?

With no one listening

 except my heart,

what would you say to mine?

Listen to the stream

flowing through your heart.

Listen to the river of love

as it sings to you.

Let where it has been and

  where it is going

come together in this

present moment,

when you dance on the water

with the sunlight

and let the cleansing current

carry away

the dust of the day.

Let love swirl and surround you,

flowing where the way

is sure and sweet.

The river is always moving,

always seeking,

 forming new paths

along the way,

making its way to the sea.

Let love be your light

and your sun

streaming into the

  sea of your soul.

See the face of love in the

reflections of the river

and hear its whispering lips,

as each wave rushes to be near you

to kiss the shore of  your being.

The secrets of love will

bloom as wildflowers

wherever it goes.

When the mist rises

from the river,

forming rainbows in the

clouds in the sky,

love will fall

as a gentle rain

 from heaven and reign

  in your heart









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