I have been longing for you

 from this corner,

 for what feels

 like forever,

 waiting for you

with a heart throbbing

 like the dove,

entrapped in the cage

 of the mind’s

aimless meanderings,

brushing against

time and a turning world,

I feel you stirring

within me,

quieting my heart

and soothing my soul.


I feel you preparing the way

 before me,

always beside me,

behind me,

below me if I fall,

above me,

and when I ascend,

you greet me.


I know in my heart,

it is in your love,

that I live and move

and have my



I sense your hidden presence

in the seasons,

in your coming and going,

through the circling

cycles of

midnight and dawn,

of morning and evening,

and in the colored

 veils of twilight,

you appear

in the silhouettes

 forming against the

  setting sun.


 You set my heart ablaze

with every thought,

as your image bursts forth in

my wild imagining,

like the birth

of a star,

 and you are here.

and I am

in your arms.







Painting by rassouli,

Window of Eternity

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