We Are Blessed to Be a Blessing


Prayer of the Heart


Of all we can aspire to in this world,

may we be kind and gentle people

who love one another.

May we truly care about the condition

of our hearts and being true

to the love that is written there.

May we long for the well being of all

and uncurl the fists of tension

that conceal our beautiful hands.

May we hold our palms to the heavens

and feel the streaming light of grace

washing us clean of all

that dims the light from within.

May we lay down the self-serving goals

which draw the darkening clouds

that obscure our vision.

May we awaken to the gifts

of beauty around and within us

of all that has been created

for every living soul

on the face of the earth.

May we see the beauty within

and forgive the flaws

that cause us to stumble and fall

and forget the paradise

within our hearts.

May we join our hands and voices

and sing to the heart that

holds all hearts,

dwell in the Soul that

holds all souls,

and swim in the Love that

is the sea of all love.

Now is the time to stop insulting

heaven by trying to steal

 God’s sovereign

right to judgment,

and surrender to a glory

that forgives our

narrow minds.

The circle of love reaches

around the world and beyond

the visible skies,

and we are held in the gaze

of benevolent eyes.

May we learn to love before

the end of time, and

 before this spinning paradise

is cast from its orbit

to become more drifting dust

in empty space.

We cannot steal the fire

from the sun,

nor decorate our homes

with the stars.

We cannot steal the throne

of Creation from God

with our inflated heads of air.

We have played the fools

for centuries, and

now is the time to end

this charade.

May we open our eyes, our arms,

and our hearts,

and run to the One who

waits for our return.

Oh let us love one another

as we have been loved!

It is time. It is time. It is time.















One Response to “We Are Blessed to Be a Blessing”

  1. Cailean Benjamin Says:

    Blessed Loveliness,

    If only I could post this to every single soul around the world. Ah! could we even begin to you imagine the creative potential therein I wonder?

    Please do whatever you possibly can sweet-heart to make these invaluable and oh so needed renderings of the Heart available to all. It IS time. It IS time. It IS time.

    In appreciation, gratitude and of course love beyond all words and measure as always.

    Cailean x

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