A New Dawn

A New Dawn



I awake in belovedness,

 tousled and warm,

 wound in blankets and pillows,

called into the world

from the depths

of curls and sweetness,

kisses and songs,

 meadows of blossoming flowers,

and I embrace the stillness

around me.

I lie here, basking in the thrill

of velvet dreams now just

out of reach.

Smiling in the vapors of

the invisible wine

 of love, I stumble

out on my deck and feel

the first caresses of morning,

tasting the essence

and purity of a new day,

a new beginning,

a new world,

born again to behold

the earth in innocence.

Everything I see and touch

holds a secret inside,

a remembrance

of belovedness.

Is it any wonder I have fallen

into the spinning path

of opposites

running to embrace

the darkness and the light,

 sunset, midnight, a dawn

and a rising sun!

I greet the morning

with my soul.







“Greeting the Dawn”

Painting by








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