The Treasury of Our Hearts



The Treasury of Our Hearts



Our souls are

 filled to overflowing

with the mysteries of love.

The river that flows past our doors

 turns red from the tears of

our bleeding hearts.

We are cups that are never empty

of the divine life-giving wine,

for as they are purified,

 they run clear as the

water of life, rising as mist

in the warmth of the sun,

splintering into rays

  to light our way.

We are crystals, broken open,

harboring rainbows,

reflecting the

mystery of light.

The alchemy and purity of love

turns us to gold,

and we radiate an

eternal flame of spirit,

a holy breath,

that is purified, like the water

of our tears,

shimmering energy,

expanding and unseen

filling the empty places

of the world with love.

The treasury within our hearts

whispers away in

 silent rhythm

 sounding the drum of fortune

proclaiming the gift

of our lives.






One Response to “The Treasury of Our Hearts”

  1. Naomi Stone Says:

    The painting above the poem is by Rassouli, and can be viewed at his website at
    I gratefully acknowledge his generosity in allowing the use of so many of his paintings to express the wonder of the songs I sing and share with you.


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