Light of the Beloved

May you see and feel the Light of the Beloved
looking through your eyes and gazing
 at you wherever you go,
whatever you do,
and in every reflection 
of the created world.
May you know the unspeakable beauty
of the Love of the Beloved in your
heart and soul
and feel the warmth and richness
of that embrace.
May you hear the Voice
within your voice that guides
your every thought and word
as your life becomes
your song of Joy
that you share with every listening
and hungry heart.
May you know the breath of life
 and be sustained
by the
Beloved’s breathing.
May you drink the water of life
 in communion at dawn,
at midnight,
in every sunrise and sunset,
in every morning and evening,
and feel the water changed to wine
by the touch of the love of Jesus
 still blessing the wine 
of every union.
May the spaces between us 
always be blessed
and so filled with
the Beloved,
there will be no distance between
our hearts and souls.
May you know the heart and soul
of the Beloved within me
 is known in the
of the heart and soul
of the Beloved
 within you.
You are as much me
as I am myself
and I am as much you
as you are yourself
and our nameless, faceless existence
of Spirit is known
 in our recognition and remembrance
that all life is but
a ray
of the miracle and majesty
of the Beloved.


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