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New Beginnings

December 28, 2008



New Beginnings



A door is opening in your heart

inviting you to wander

  in the pathless land

of freedom.


You have a chance to walk

to run, to fly, where

your heart most

wants to go.


Love swings open the door,

 and a thousand voices

cry out that you

dare not go.


Which voice is yours,

one voice alone,

all of them,

or none?


Do you know the sound

of your own soul, or

the sweet scent

of love?


You can fly with the wind

and touch the sky

without angels

or  wings.


 You can hold a child

next to your heart

and set them

free to be.


When love whispers to your

heart, the door swings

open wide, calling

you inside,


will you






Creating with Spirit

December 20, 2008


Creating with Spirit


Oh painters, poets, singers,

artists of the soul.

playing in the particles of life,

let the quivering molecules

of your being

wade in the energy of your

hidden laughter.


Become masters of the medium

of love

and splash your kisses 

across the sky!

Dip your brushes in your hearts

and create a vision

of the beauty crouching

within you,

ready to spring into life

as something new.


Let the winds of spirit blow

away the clouds

that cover your longing

 for freedom.


Dress your precious life in 

the colors of your soul

and let the wondrous visions 

flow into a stream of love.


Be an invitation, like the dawn,

coaxing and calling

us all to dance with the day,

to play, to sing,

to let the light of the sun make us

gleam and glow.


Let your sleeping heart awaken 

and push through the soil

of the body and mind

to be born again and again and again.


Let your sweet discovery 

bloom in wonder.

Greet the blossoms with shouts of joy,

as the petals of tenderness

surround you in a robe of rainbows

 and dripping wonder.


Be like Joseph in his coat

of many colors

with eyes that see the Pharaoh’s dreams

and ears that hear

 the songs of the night

locked in silence, weeping to be known.


Let the caressing touch of spirit

set you free

 to be, to live, to move, to flow,

and to create,

again and again and again.


Take my hand and dance me

into the mystery and

music of you.









December 18, 2008



revelation comes suddenly 
startling with a vision
that awakens
a new way
of seeing
breathtaking beauty 
overwhelming the senses
silencing words
in a whirlwind of
heart opening mystery
a remembrance
of love
that plunges the soul
into a sea
of forgetting
an invisible face
a voice known only
through the heart
all else into
an eternal

Sacred Hour

December 14, 2008
Sacred Hour
Every day I live is a miracle.
Every morning I awaken
is an invitation.
Every moment seeks a new way,
one more chance to sing,
to pray, to write,
to love, to dance, to play,
to live the miracle, to witness
to the glance
of God within each soul,
to allow the light
of revelation to shine,
like the star,
like the moon, like the sun,
like the dawn that brings
the purity of morning
ever rising
through our eyes.
I kneel in reverence
overcome with gratitude,
when I ponder the brilliance
of the divine design
of life in all
its infinite glory.
I open the palms of my hands
to the kiss of morning
and open my heart
to the greatness
of the love
that created all of this.
The intimacy of my breathing,
whispering through
my lips becomes
the breath of Christ
flowing endlessly,
in the innocent rhythm
of a grace that
shares its life with all,
that lets us live
and share in beauty
that rises far
beyond the morning sun.
Drink deeply of the
sweet air of communion
offered in the first light
of every day,
for God meets us
when we face the dawn
with faith
and feel the presence
flowing in the spirit
circling through our hearts
and souls,
cleansing and forgiving,
purifying every thought that
is less than love.
Rise with the spreading
 wings of dawn
offering us a kingdom
that enfolds
and shelters every heart in
 eternal embrace.
This truth is not ours,
nor is it ours
to steal from the fire
that warms this earth with life
blazing forth from God.
This is the nature of the Beloved
that weaves the beauty
of  the secret clues
of life and love
into each
beating heart.
Leap into the invisible realm
of all you cannot see
or know
and trust
the loving arms
that catch you there.
I am as old as the centuries
of time,
when I tell you
how beautiful you are
to God, and I pray
you will find the faith
to surrender to
the beauty of the holy child
within you
in this season of
the Soul from which
we’ve come.
Blessing flows like energy
and falls upon us
like a rain from heaven,
preparing us
for a new world
where there is
only love.

A Psalm from My Heart

December 8, 2008

A Psalm from My Heart



Oh, beautiful light of my life,

inspiration of my soul,

and the One who opens my heart!

I awaken in this silent darkness

and feel the ever expanding Joy

 your Presence gives.

How do I share it?

How do we learn to live with

 the infinity of you

that opens into

all that reaches beyond

everything we know.

All that you are is so much more

than all that manifests

before our eyes,

more than every universe

 and the immeasurable skies

we name and describe!


You go on creating,

dwelling in the unseen,

revealing to us

the limits of our control

in a world in chaos,

inviting our faith in your

compassion, your mercy,

 your forgiveness,

and the greatness of your love.


You open your arms to gather us

 in the comforts of your inexpressible grace.

Oh, strengthen our faith in your reach,

in your power over all that exists.

Help us surrender our

foolish delusions that we know

anything at all about

who you truly are!

It is difficult for us to

 comprehend the endless space of you,

to imagine vast

unlimited possibilities.

We fall on our knees, hide our faces,

and feel the fear of such greatness.

You scatter wildflowers

around us, caress us with

soft breezes, help us up

and gather us close to your heart.

We feel unworthy and

unable to know how to live

in helplessness.


Though shadows hover

over the  world,

though fears coil around

our thoughts

to make us doubt and

worry and wonder

 how we will live,

how we will find our way,

it is faith that rises from deep

within our souls that

kisses hope alive.


We use words to try and speak of you,

words so small

 they fall like autumn leaves before

 your magnificence.

We sing and the song cannot

reach around the divine mystery of

of all that you are.

All creation pales before

the brilliance that blinds us

in your glory.


Your prophets and poets and mystics,

your divine ambassadors,

your angels and archangels,

your messengers of love,

share countless stories of your miracles,

your goodness, and your gifts,

and yet they cannot touch

the omnipotence of you.


Oh teach us to surrender and stop

fighting divine truth that cannot be changed

or hidden or controlled!

Show us the way to trust your

promises and live in the kingdom of you,

an existence where all are welcome!

Awaken our spirits flowing from

your divine spirit,

spiraling and touching the earth

and opening the bridge

that connects all worlds to

the kingdom of you.


I reached the end of all we know,

became lost on paths to nowhere and

saw the futility of my words,

and I called out to you,

night after night after night,

day after day after day.

With an open heart, I asked

you to pray in me, for I no longer

knew how to pray.

Perhaps, I never did.

I surrendered all that I ever

believed I was.


You swept me into your blinding beauty,

and overwhelming love,

as volcanoes erupted, and hurricanes blew,

tornadoes wiped out towns,

waves washed over islands and

earthquakes split open the earth.


 I saw through the sun.

I saw the stars fall from the sky.

I saw all the evil done in the world,

as mountains crumbled,

and I saw there was no darkness great enough

to hide from your gaze.

Yet, in the midst of every vision,

you held me close to reveal the truth

that the only life I have

is the one you’ve given me.


The only life that exists beyond it all

is you, and we are the light in your loving eyes.

We come alive when you create us

and we are lost in your gaze

in the blink of an eye.


I became a living flame of your love

burning with love for you.

My only life was consumed in

a love beyond everything that exists.


I live in the fire and creation of your love,

and I love through the power of

your love moving through me.


This is the testament of my heart,

my song that sings

 of where I have been and

of what I have seen,

and what I share with you now

with outstretched hands

and an open heart.