we are the light


 darkness is filled with unseen light

 reflecting from our faces

beaming from our souls

circling through our hearts

 we gaze only at the outer dark

and wonder where the light has gone


love is a soft illumination

that grows into a streaming sun

that sprinkles the skies

with stars and spinning wheels of light

 where even dust is beautiful


we are glorious holograms

manifesting into images

and sounds and thoughts that

 dream us up as we go along


we are ever morphing

 into something new

shape-shifting all the while

appearing and disappearing

feeling as if we have been here before

drifting in a clear and cloudless sky

knowing we are nowhere


 yet when

love surrounds us

drawing us close and we

 feel the soft breath of intimacy

and the rhythmic caress

 of an unseen heart

we are home


we feel our way home through

 songs and dreams

 creating a trail of leftover crumbs

of tears and the sound

of laughter

and discover the dark

hides nothing

but the wonder of life

looking through

our eyes




2 Responses to “we are the light”

  1. Cailean Benjamin Says:

    Dearest Naomi,

    I read this well over an hour ago now and I have sat here without moving before this keypad simply unable to give expression to what I am feeling.

    Indeed this is invariably my experience on reading your poetry. I think it is simply the utterly obscene amount of beauty that is both simultaneously contained and reflected through each unpredictable moment of their unfolding, that renders me silent and somewhat paralyzed before this screen unable to convey anything of value whatsoever. I have indeed so very, very often wanted to extend back to you the depth of my appreciation and gratitude herein, but my every attempt to do so, simply falls like ashes at my feet – sorry.

    I had intended to read more than just one of your more recent entries tonight, as I have indeed been absent for a while, but in the light of this rather drawn out experience and seeing that it is now well passed 2am, I feel it might be wise to leave it at this for now – until the next time that is.

    With Love to you beyond all words and measure as always,



    Hoping that this finds you well and dwelling in the Heart as is usual Loveliness

  2. Naomi Stone Says:

    My dear Cailean,
    It seems you took some time away from the computer when our friend moved away from the public airwaves to renew. I was delighted to see your name and comment. I stopped sending you copies of my poetic stream, because I wasn’t sure if you were online much, and I didn’t want you to feel compelled to respond. You would know by my verses how I thrive on a holy silence. One dimension that describes the Beloved to me is PRESENCE. Your comment lets me know you give me both….and it
    means so much to me that you let me know you were here sharing in the Light through which we all are embraced. We reverently give our silent presence to the Allness of Love, which includes the vast beauty of Creation, and the fullness of our own hearts.
    O Cailean, the souls who feel what is too deep for words are the intimate circle the mystics write about, who meet in the winehouse, who celebrate in ways beyond description!
    We paint, we sing, we dance, we play, we write, we pray, and we love, contemplating the wonder, and we fall silent….and the flames consume us and leave the fragrance, the essence of our being…..and yes, the ashes….the ruins of what we once called “I” or “me” How could it be otherwise with our God?
    We witness to each other of what we see and feel in whatever ways are given to us to do that! Thank you for your heartfelt words.

    Love Always,

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