Secrets of the Heart



 Hear the drumbeats of the jungle,

the breath of warriors,

and feel the salty tears dampen

 your hair,

 bringing remembrance

of the singing

 of the sea.


Trace the circling stars

in solar winds

that wrap you in the warmth

of the sun

in the silence of space


Breathe in the scent of opening buds

setting free a fragrance

that will

set you dreaming.


Feel the arms of the river

flowing around you

softly embracing and exploring

the curves and lines

that lead

to your heart.


Let your stillness

 draw from the well of secrets

and drink deeply

of the elixir

of love

hidden in my



Let my heart whisper

what words

cannot say and let my

sighs offer the

softness of a pillow

for your rest.


 Perhaps the clues are

 found in the dust

of falling stars

and sparks from flares

start the fires

that light

up the skies.


The light of my face

will blind you

so stay close to

my heart

where love has vision

to see a glory

the eyes cannot





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