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The Mystical Veil of Love

February 17, 2009



The Mystical Veil of Love
This sacred morning
has the face of Love,
light curling around and through
impossible places,
filling my room and eyes
with blinding brightness,
surrounding me with
imperceptible arms,
not waiting for words to
create what I see.
By some miracle,
Love has turned from
its graceful flight,
poised and hovering above me
 pouring its majesty
over my existence,
tearing the mystical veil
from a morning
now wearing a robe of golden light
no weaver could create
with all the golden thread
in the world.
Love came in the night,
expanded in the dawn,
and spread
the face of the beloved
in a burst of morning splendor
before me, around me,
within me,
as a blazing world flames out
surrounding and flooding
all in a sea of light.
Whose eyes perceive this glory?
Who dwells within me
to behold such divine revelation?
Who writes these words
to convey what human eyes
could never see?
What spirit moves with life
within my womb?
Who fills this cup with golden light
brimming and running over,
 bathing and
ruling my reality
with the crown and sceptre
of the Sun?
My maiden heart surrenders
to this Lord of Love in
 humble adoration
and devotion,
yet turns to face
the revelation as a woman
grateful to be swept
into this gleaming grace.
No dream is this as I wander
in the golden skies
of my eyes
aware of breathing beyond
my own,
yet rising and falling,
rushing in and breathing out
as one.
What last vestige of this
earthly life
fell away to grant me
this freedom
to dwell in this heavenly heart
of my beloved?
The moment comes
when it comes,
as we watch and wait
and dream and
wander through valleys
and scale the walls
and mountains
we face
along the way.
What kingdom is
harbored in
 your longing heart?
What paradise awaits you
 in your soul?
How would
the morning of your
awakening appear to your
eager eyes?
Dare to dream
of your very own heaven.
What is veiled
in the sleeping kingdom
of your heart?
We each create
the dream of paradise
and the longing
that summons Love
to guide us home.

A Remembrance

February 14, 2009




 A Remembrance


Thinking of you, sending you love, always!

Like the fragrance of the rose, something of our essence is known by those

who love us, and those we love, and with an imaginative spirit, it flows out to us, and so, with a song, a vision, an image, a prayer,

a dance, a longing, a breath, you are here…I am there.

Our hearts have wings when we love….and we are a soul

within a soul, within a soul, within a soul.

The Beloved holds us all in One Beautiful Soul.


When I imagine you, says Hafiz, I don’t need the wine.

You are here. I am there.


May your day hold the essence and beauty of the Beloved,

and may all who think and long for love,

feel and receive it in their hearts….and know

 that it has been created within them,

waiting for the heart to awaken……. to who they truly are.

The heart opens, sends out the perfume, and the soul expands and

surrounds and unites with the heart.


When we create, write, pray, and love, we share the dream, by giving birth to it

in an infinite and endless number of ways….including bringing food

cooked with love, or through an embrace, a glance,

 a gift, our presence, our listening hearts,

 delighting in children, suffering the frustrations of others, taking

abuse meant for someone else, because we are there and willing to care,

sharing someone’s dream, creating our own, becoming vulnerable enough to

risk expressing it, releasing it, the way a flower releases its beauty

to the garden, to feel the joy of letting it flow, no longer trying to keep

it hidden, for fear of being hurt, to be who we truly are.


We don’t share the answers to anything. We don’t teach anything.

We just do what we were created to do….we love,

and everyone who ever looks at our creations, our acts of love,

hears and feels the sound of love,

breathes it by catching the scent, falls into it, and gives

birth to their own essence.

The energy is far more powerful than our little ideas of it……far far more.


Love is the summons….and Love is the companion,

and I nestle into it every night, walk with it every day, and it flows out

through me to wherever it needs to go….circling in the breath of

of all those precious mystics…still permeating the universe in all its beauty.

We don’t need to teach, or preach, or do anything, but breathe freely,

and sing and dance and create and love the millions of hearts,

the millions of longing hearts, where the beauty waits to be seen and touched.

I could create a story of my journey and the fullness of my life using paintings and photographs, music, talks, acts of charity, and someone could read my hundreds of poems and follow my life to its still expanding roseness as they can read your writings, or listen to your songs, and recognize the way you share your heart with others…..each life increasing the joy of our Beloved.

I have felt the infinite nature of that pure love, and there is no end to it….ever.



Grace of Alpha


This image, the Grace of Alpha, is how the essence of home feels to me,

through the grace of the Beloved,

which continues to flow through God and through us in that hidden

and unknown depth of all that attracts us.

We grow and expand moment by moment by moment……..


Mystics and Lovers are the trail, the clues along the way,

that the Beloved leaves for others…..

to discover their own.


Bless you for daring to dream and for surrendering to love,

and sharing it so freely with others

in the ways that you do.


Blessings on this day honoring love.